A highlight from Election Changes? MLK Jr. Virtual Celebration, Deadly Shooting near Lilburn.


It's wednesday january twentieth. I'm dan radcliffe and here are today's top stories for the gwinnett. Daily post podcast. Brought to you by peggy sloppy properties when at election boards. New chairwoman wants limits to no excuse absentee voting and a voter roll review when it honors life of reverend martin luther king junior with service and virtual celebration a man was found. Shot dead in an apartment complex near lilburn when a police report and finally. Here's a different kind of story. A car thief threatened to call the police on a mom who left her child in the back seat of the car he stole. Hey guys it's a mandalay. Your local host and gwinnett native two thousand and twenty. It's been a different year for sure. But if the time has come for you and your family to buy sell or rent a new home. Hanging sloppy properties is here to help peggy and her team have been in gwinnett and surrounding areas for thirty eight years. 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Elections board told fellow members of the gop that she favours major election changes at the local and state levels including a move away from no excuse. Absentee voting for many georgians alyssa lennox. Who is the gwinnett board of registrations elections chairwoman for twenty twenty one and twenty two encouraged members of her party to write letters and make phone calls to state legislators to encourage them to make changes to state election laws. Republicans in georgia including members of the state legislature have been calling for changes after experiencing losses in two thousand and twenty election cycle in that cycle. The democratic party had big wins in the state in the presidential seventh congressional district and both us senate races olympic who referred to twenty twenty as terrible election cycle during the gop meeting outlined several changes pertaining to elections that she would like to see made in georgia. Several of them pertain to how georgians can cast ballots ahead of election day. One of them is having the state require up to twenty one days of early. Voting officials called advance in person voting with one mandatory saturday voting day and one mandatory sunday voting day county elections officials should be free to set their own hours on the sunday voting. She said to even bigger changes would center Absent t voting georgia. However one would be a partial rollback of no. Excuse absentee by mail voting. Georgia has had no excuse absentee voting for more than a decade and its popularity exploded in twenty twenty as officials at the georgia secretary of state's office pushed it as a safe alternative for voters. Who were concerned about waiting in line. Vote amid the covid nineteen pandemic olympic. Suggested only certain population groups should be allowed to ask for an absentee ballot without giving a reason for the request. The other change related to absentee ballots. That olympic is advocating would entail banning absentee ballot drop boxes which was a new option introduced in two thousand twenty in response to the covid nineteen pandemic at the local level where her role as elections board. Chairwoman gives her greater influence. A lennox said she wants to take a look at wet counties voter registration rolls the county elections board is made up of two representatives of the gwinnett county republican party and representatives of the gwinnett county democratic party as well as a fifth member. Who's chosen by the rest of the board. It set to hold. Its next meeting at six pm on tuesday. Coming up. wouldn't celebrates the reverend dr martin luther king junior. Why by at the mall of georgia we provide award-winning customer satisfaction and have been a family owned business for over twenty years. Buying or leasing with us is fast and easy and you can get pre-approved online in four easy steps. 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