Just when Mets thought they hired the right man, they fired Jared Porter as GM after harassing texts to female


And is the new york. Mets general manager jared porter. He was one of the rising stars in major league baseball and now he is unemployed. Always good the mets looked like they were on their way. They're reinvesting in the team and now he's unemployed because he was doing some offensive things and this is Interestingly enough like almost five years ago that he did it and now it's come back to haunt him and it's So last month he was hired as the mets. Gm and jared porter was fired for sending sexually explicit uninvited text messages and images to a female reporter in two thousand sixteen when he was still in the cubs. Front-office espn reported late monday. That porter sent dozens of unanswered texts to the woman including a picture of quote an erect naked penis in. Espn said. It obtained a copy of the text history. Many of the messages and photos he said were displayed in the report online. And so new. Mets owner steve cohen terminated porter in my initial. Press conference spoke about the importance of integrity. And i meant it. There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior. And it's a. It's it's saddens me to think about the woman in question because she was a foreign correspondent who had moved to the us to cover major league baseball. And i guess. She met porter at yankee stadium. They spoke briefly about international baseball. The exchange business cards now the only time they actually ever spoke but then ported starts with texts like text a palooza complimenting her looks inviting her to meet him in different cities that he was traveling to asking. Why are you ignoring me. And then after he sent a lewd picture she had to ignore sixty more messages and then a vote. The vulgar photo that was basically straw that broke camel's back and the woman actually went back to her home country and left her job. That i mean the whole thing is sad but to think that the woman With everything that was done by porter here allegedly that that contributed to her decision to leave journalism altogether and return to her home country at just so sad across the board.

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