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40 we did have some snow showers earlier today, even a couple of places with snow squalls just a burst of snow that just last a few minutes tonight we're clearing and much colder with low 25. 20 in the suburbs tomorrow. Mostly sunny, not as windy the high 46 Friday mostly sunny and breezy up to 44, then it gets a lot colder starting Saturday. Mostly sunny and windy. The high only 34 wind chills in the twenties at best, and probably dropping into the teens later in the day Sunday, mostly sunny and cold, the high 36 on Monday we actually have a chance of some snow and ice in the afternoon, the high 34 Thank you so much. Clinton. Yes. If this does remind me of those times, I would go to Chicago and feel that wind hit me pretty hard. So you already know what we're talking about here. 3 35 Here in center city. We have mostly sunny skies That hawk is definitely out and it is 39 degrees. Today Way

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