These Are the Good Times, Part 1


This rock song. Hungry like the wolf. Duran duran's breakthrough hit in america topped billboard's rock tracks chart in early nineteen eighty-three indicating strong. Airplay on album oriented rock stations. It topped the rock chart months before peaking at number three on the hot one hundred the members of chic had nothing to do with this duran duran classic but in a way she had everything to do with one common and misbegotten notion about popular. Music is the idea that a new style or genre will radically eight a previous one. The emerging musical format might become more popular. Might even make the older style unclean but the older style typically doesn't just drop off the charts for example the us breakthrough of the beatles in nineteen sixty four which spawned the british invasion in america. Did make it harder for listening. Crooners girl groups and duo but none of that music went away in fact. Several of the acts that were hitmaker's before the beatles like frankie valli and the four seasons continued to be hitmaker's into the late sixties. And beyond your just too good to be. Can't take my eyes off the same. Went for the nineteen ninety-one breakthrough nevada second guard and pearl jam. Nineties grunge ended offshoots. Did make hair metal far less successful commercially. Little alternative rock didn't actually kill metal. Metal just retooled its sound for the of grunt it adapted to survive probably one of the biggest myths about rock history however was the disco quote unquote died at the start of the nineteen eighties. Let's be clear disco. Didn't actually die just a couple of years into the one thousand. Nine hundred. Eighty s michael jackson and madonna retooling disco new wave dance. Certainly by the end of the seventies. Boom word discount started to become commotion. Poison in previous hit parade episodes. We've dissected what the so-called death of disco actually meant. I've talked about how the bg stopped topping the charts after nine thousand nine hundred seventy nine. But then barry give and. His brothers became potent songwriters and producers on a variety of eighties. Hits for other artists. I've also discussed. How donna summer was booth elevated and then dragged down by her status as the seventies queen of this but summer found ways to adapt to the eighties and still score big hits however no disco associated act arguably adapted better to the one thousand nine hundred eighty s and beyond than the members of chic work of nile. Rodgers and bernard edwards. Both with chic and with other acts collaborated with not only contradicts. The notion that disco was short-lived phenomenon. It also makes

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