S. So if you could deal with that backup, he'll be good to go once you get past east Willow's road.


You're driving a high profile vehicle elsewhere, the county traffics moving along pretty well. I don't see any major delays. The North 15 through the Jamaica LeValley. You just got a brief delay. Passing Winchester Road. This report sponsored by State of Brothers visit Stater Brothers Markets website never missed a deal on groceries while you're there, check out their weekly ads Senate for digital deals for even more great savings throughout the store. Tater Brothers markets and never miss a deal. I can't cock Koko's life real time Traffic update. 6 50 Roubles update in San Diego Whether we've got some drizzle and rein in the county overnight lows could be in the forties and fifties. The slight chance of showers. Also tomorrow we have a flash flood watch of the mountains and does starting late tonight through tomorrow evening, and we have a high wind warning as well. Right now. Downtown San Diego. We have drizzle and it's 66 Kogo News Times. 6 51. The self driving car war

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