Unprecedented security in Washington,


Douglas Cliff Albert talk today to San Diego State associate professor of political science Benjamin Gonzales. O'Brien about the inauguration in particular, Tomorrow's inauguration speech is going to be incredibly important. We have a number You know, we have a number of first president of Vice President elect Kamala Harris will be the first the first female but vice president the first person of Out Asian ancestry as VP, the first black VP, So I think, in addition to kind of the the marking the end of the Trump era, um this is going to be a really important moment for Joe Biden to lay out his vision for the country and to layout where we kind of go from here. The last few weeks have been Incredibly concerning and I think that this is this is really Joe Biden time to make his mark. He's been waiting for this moment for a very long time. And we know that he's run for president before and this is his moment, Tonto to try to heal some of the divides that we've seen in this country and we've seen really exposed over the last four years. Joe Biden has said repeatedly that while the pandemic his job one as he goes into office here, he's been stressing a lot. Obviously, his desired for unity you to unify the country now based on history, both recent that otherwise, I suppose. How successful do you think that's better? Other times of strong partisan division. I think this is going to be a really tall

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