A highlight from Healthy Business Recipes for Surviving COVID

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Enjoy the show at this point. It's sad to see a lot of the mom and pops. That have gone out. So i think as long as you can kind of adjust to what's going on the best way possible. It's pushed all of us. You know not necessarily just restaurants but small business in general you know we are the backbone of this economy and now we are under pressure. I don't know how long we can sustain eating at a loss like this but it's a dream and it's a passion project in. It's something that. I am going to take out kicking and screaming like we are not giving up yet. We're just trying to innovate try to do something different and try to something different. If people keep talking about you know when things get back to normal. But i just don't know if things are ever going to get back to quote unquote normal where we were before. So it's time for people to dust yourself off pick yourself up by good strap and get together that or give up on your business and that's really all it boils down to. Just what are you going to do to make it half in preach preach it. I've been saying big everybody. Welcome to the show. Today we have voice superfoods garza. So we're gonna talk about a couple of things one supporting healthy to supporting local in three. What do you do when the business owner gets covid. Can you plan ford. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Liz guards thank you for being on the show. Thanks for having me. I'm super excited. I'm in quarantine but hey it wouldn't be twenty twenty without food without something like this happening. The first time that i've actually met year was at the start up mobile. do you remember that. actually do. Yeah i've got great memories Every year from start at mobile. It's such a great thing that the city does unfortunately this year because of we are we're not having startup but but yes we have been actively involved in every year when when the city does start at mobile yet. Pay wove outspending sponsored by year. And that's how we met. I know it. Yeah you you are such a just a a huge breath of energy. Of course i ever member meeting you and you always have such great business advice and so yes absolutely. Well thank you so liz. You have recently reconnected. At the mobile chambers roadmap for growth with rick miller as so much fun so great not such a good opportunity and i'm just so glad that Dinette at the chamber and rick. They worked their miracles To make this class happen it is kind of the a new version of a a leadership program that the city the chamber as well through south alabama university mobile. Some great sponsors came together to to make it happen. And it's for a business owners like you and i to come together to plan for what's to happen in twenty twenty one. Were planning strategizing literally coming into a situation. That's been unprecedented right. We don't know how to handle this or move forward so it's so nice to have other individuals who are showing in the same struggle. But we've got like therapy when i need that class. I mean we we go. We share our successes in things that were struggling with. And it's just helping us to plan for the future for growth in my case with foy to kind of keep things afloat really talk about your food until with it. What the name foy means. So foyer is an acronym for fountain of youth and of course we are locally owned we are the first and only still fresh pressed juicery in mobile. We are here in the city mobile because there aren't many options like us right. We wanna make fast food simple affordable.

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