Bill Bruford (Yes/King Crimson) 1980 Interview


In this episode. We have one of prog rock's greatest drummers bill at the time of this interview in nineteen eighty. Broussard was thirty one years old and on tour with solo band supporting his album. Gradually going tornado in the interview buford talks about why he left. Yes how robert fricke try to cancel the king crimson. Nineteen seventy four central park concert and the advantage of making a name for himself and banned by yes genesis and king crimson as always we have music critic mark allen at the helm conducting the interview. One last thing before we get to the interview the tapes archive. Podcast is a proud member of cyrus media a global community connecting passionate fans with podcast and experiences about artists and topics loves. Thanks for tuning in. And now it's time to open the vault over. No i'm not gonna player stations here and i'll give you rush especially in that not many commercials. Well the recent that lies these senior can add vocals eventually note. I don't know that wouldn't think by. Anthony singapore quite probable. There's nobody bill. Prince discounts finals. I it's just that this particular album. Not on kuwait's america would voice and something this hotline dance especially yes and on such a huge level. You made your holiday every two years now here you are. i just. You're staying with less than had to move with yet more. Yes that's not the only ask you how. How does as eddie feel about the. Because you're obviously made a name for yourself willy. Mason soldiers is that america beside more for music and the whole thing is a viable proposition. She's really good. It doesn't so listen. I'm going to be stable kind of and who who doesn't doesn't mind. I like to be able to play madison back on. Not that i ever have to and And trump's although there's not a whole level of problems occur pasta two three thousand seats by now we can just play music or problems. Did you have that are raised now. A group of flannel. It's magic pilot very easily that level. It's incredibly uninspired. It's amazingly easy to find some to seventy thousand blackout faces. Eight any pressure tool because the sounds inside. North and the whole shemozzle would sucha an isolated insulated kind of fair so much no reaction no visible reaction from anybody to your play like in a club. You can see people reacting in those places. None of that happens to. It's an extraordinary ritual. It's an amazing amazing feeding of power. But it was a strategic. Bit of works really got me to america to keep interest in on wants to in future thing this. I've had this time. And american gotten how planners do places north america generally in american about me and on you always make a good to substance feels. Good gets me and say you need some sort of strategic planning for thing like that genesis suitable time. You've got new playing it. Got my face around. It wasn't the best musical world. Then it wasn't gonna be paid for by a five month job which was fine. I could stay. Probably but i had other plans so i think we used each other way. German ankles return for it. Because i was having or without america trying very hard to exist by five synthesizers to buy a hop hannah's to buy another tunes. It's europe is a very strong place to and we could pass numerical together for the good work here more or less decided book. America's favorite and no sheppard's son to healthy strict with north vessel for any given output the musical direction. You're likely to gain the speech. Must people. you'll disseminate music. Quickest efficiently probably followed by canada. I wasn't sure that he would be person. You would like to talk to as many as i liked to. I actually. I am doing this as a promotion exercise. There's no doubt about. I need you know with mike to rice about what it is. Because i'm interested in. It really wants to get it across that. It would be lovely day. It's an insane people kind of associate. What communist play. There was no constant need to keep talking about see we have tried to compete with. Americans are americans be comforting to six weeks which seemed like forever but an american band will six months about thinking. It's an order to compete a tool to be in the same race as all must make use of here in college is coming in at smaller the low level where you stopped club. We're not we're not on the bottom is out. I mean the clubs club sold out and that's great. That's not actually at the starting gate and a lights to up. Cities is the american system. Sex could sound systems by much. And sometimes you can to the radio same time so food good system and there's no other way to do it. I mean next level of this hour talking about what the next rung. Up hewlett america. You have to be seen to keep climbing runs. And she else kills loose successful in the country. And i'm sitting. We'll be able to come back short and hopefully find some colleges and smoke. Fix that will. That will be good year to something like that and then we'll worry about what happens. Then what would you want to tell people about your music. It's not death you serious one out about the guggenheim museum. It's not it's the instrumental music. This must be either jazz or classical something like work about some h. Difficult music. And i see that tool. We have supply interesting music fry or or accessible particularly. I think we when we play. We play in such ways to invite people in this environment. Rob repel oppress them and defy. Likes which is not at you. Some refunds out. But i don't like a lot to recession music. Most standardized breath cheating quick tudor or the need to survive really. It's an era fear round action especially because in the bottom. That's right if there there's definitely a climate of whereas the sword go full next. It's partly to good specific management company that we're announces gun because well there's potential that may not be too modest talked about the groups that you played in about people. I band savoy grounding. Savoy was my best friend and that was pretty awful three days and that was that was good that i came up with my first guitar hero. Gibson's she was guitar by then. I looked around a bit and came close. Yes and that was good basketball break. Excellent be very well and I've had enough about six hours. Somebody because i didn't want to spend a lot one time insisted on the last one that can agents. I love sweating. Giving trump generally and i was thinking how am i would support each other and a plane can crimson. Then he sees you superior way. And so i said well that sounds great and off. You went five mercantilist. Some last show ever played in central far out you that that was an emotional night was in when i talked to him about that. He said that was the closest that i'm to being great. Since the first and like you said that the last king clinton in the i can principle the best. It was extremely good easy. You might like no one further anecdotes about that story. Which is the chinese absolute damnedest to cancel events about some sounds which inaudible kind of buzz to hear any sound system and said it was impossible for us to play and he was cut gerald and bullied threatened in two thousand people and he was just about dragged on student and now he will no doubt hail it is being here on the strongest span of did. He's a man of fiction on many levels and not least of which is that. That's enough the mandate about that greg. We really pavlik and blue myself. One of those great night's you believe you're strong as you are. I really enjoy that.

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