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Protesters in india storm. The red fort delhi poland calls on the european union to levy sanctions against russia. The congress vietnam meets to elect its new leaders of the communist party and a man returns a library book. That a seventy two years overdue. This is the world at large and we are politics one thousand and what. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone into to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this. Episode of our podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to the world at large. And you know it's long overdue. What another episode. i'll have armies podcast of. There's nothing else that's long overdue for shadowy. Okay so anyways guys were going to guys can sit there and sit in. Let let it let that sink in of what could we be talking about because you totally did not listen to the intro. All right so. Let's talk about india because india forty four few months now. They've been going through a lot of problems regarding their farming class of india and this is not like the united states and other western nation unit. Us being around two percent of their population actually working in agriculture. This india guises. India is over. Fifty percent of their population works in the farming industry. And what makes us an even. Bigger deal is fifty percent of india's more than like the. It's like double the united states right. So that's a lot of people that are just working in the cultural industry and so these people are very angry in. There's a reason for that which we're going to get into But that is gist of what's happening. They're angry and so you have these farmer protests that are continuing to rage in india. So they've been happening for many months. Now this is not a new thing We covered it a little bit. But recap and expense going up so this is again. This is not like large corporate farms. That are angry. Exhaust exists but this is more of tiny tiny little landowning farms. The your every everyday joe. Who's writing your far lots of jobs in india. Yup that yeah. Those are the people like the average the average person just try to make a living and they believe that the government under prime minister narendra modi is setting is putting the interests of large corporate before the needs of their own page. Likes that the that makes them very. It's so before the laws were passed. The government would guarantee a small Guarantee the small farmers of certain amount of money for their crops kinda subsidize them in guarantee them certain about of income they take they would take the food from the farmers they'd be. The farmers could only go to certain places within their respective state. In india is southern goods. They are to a very limited auction. Mostly government officials government officials with buy it for a set price in redistributed to the people on the they still sell it but the government can afford to sell it at whatever price right because of the government so the farmers like this because it would ensure that all of them had fixed income every year in with allow them to invest in stuff Like new infrastructure for their far new technology. If they want if they wanna take a trip to delhi and all this stuff you could you invest all of it because you had a fixed income of What was allowing these new laws are saying. Well you see i. I don't really want to do that anymore. Here's the problem indian farmers year. We gotta take a more free market approach. We are dea. we're the do nation of innovation. We are the we are the future of the future of the world and in order to do that. We can't be doing this like semi-socialist approach anymore. I can't guarantee you buy the stuff. Subsidies anymore i i can't i can't i know you want me to but we gotta become more free market oriented. This will allow us to grow as a country. And so we're not gonna be buying. We're gonna we're gonna open up that auction. It's not just going to be us. It's really not going to be us. You don't really want to be there anymore. It's going to be other people. This is going allow for private investment in your your farms guys at your farms allow private investment scan. Allow you guys to grow to give you a bigger market to sell to like. Yeah i mean we buy. We buy a hedgerow corn three rubies. But it can sell it to somebody else for six rupees. So i mean it's an improvement right. That is totally possible. So you you guys should really. At least at least consider. The offer were trying. Just be able to take your family to delhi but now you can take into calcutta to while you're at it both of them at the same time and if if you sell it for eight rupees daca get lucky debuted even mumbai that that's only if you're like ten rupees so anyways You see what. I'm trying to say the government saying if you're right now very limited right. You're guaranteed the certainly incumbent. You're never going to get a promotion. You're always gonna make the same amount of money and that's not good free meaner be stuck in this position your whole life. You got to kind of spread out. Let the butterfly spread it's wings. You're only allowed or pillar for so long enough. That's what the government is saying. Well free market right and so spokespeople in favor of this. Laws are really in favor of private investments. Half the farmers are saying well. Look i know. Like i. I see i see. It's possible to make more money. Lack could sell my my recorded. Ted of set of three rupees. I could sell it for five. Trueba i could also end up selling it for one ruby and the problem with that is while i could be making three but now making what now. I can't afford actually keep my farm Because what these farmers are saying. Is these large corporations. Large corporate farms day will be able to afford to lower the prices. Because that's what happens is the bigger your business gets the cheaper. You can have your products. That's just like a basic role of How to run a business and the farmers who can't compete with that. We need the prices to be higher in order to be able to afford to sell stuff. Because we don't have as many things that were selling at the same time and Corporations they lower the prices. Then we'll be forced to lower hours. Or we're gonna go bit and if we do our we're going to go out of business if we continue to keep them high that no one's gonna live danny went by our stuff a corporation so we're not gonna so now we are going to go out of business because no knows buying stuff anymore. It's it's more expensive.

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