Packers: Jamaal Williams thigh injury 'isn't serious'


Was added back to the organization this past week on the practice squad will be a covert call up and we'll be on the active roster for today's game. Our coverage starts at 11 o'clock, the winner of today's NFC Championship will match up against the winner of today's A F C champion. In the Super Bowl as the F C championship game will match up the Buffalo Bills against the defending Super Bowl champion Can't see Chiefs one of their note from football, Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford, their quarterback, expected it to go in different directions. Market basketball Yesterday they lose it to dip all by a 68 to 61 score. They're down 30 to 24 at halftime head coach Steve was a house He did not feel like his team came out of the gate. Well, you know, I thought we started so poorly in the first half 10 turnovers. We were three for 19 with the ball at the rim and You know that's usually strength of ours. DJ card in the only player with more than eight points, he scores 23. They match up against Providence on Wednesday. Badgers of basketball, They lose to a number 15, Ohio State with Cole Center yesterday. 74 62 on Wednesday they match up against Maryland. It was an incredible comeback from Milwaukee basketball yesterday. Down 14 points with under three minutes to go at Cleveland State. They come back to force overtime, and then they win. 81 80. Milwaukee goes to a six and five also in the Horizon League yesterday, Green Bay completes a weekend serious sweep of produce Fort Wayne winning 87 72. Bucks basketball. They're looking to end a two game losing streak tonight as they match up against the Atlanta Hawks. Admittedly, the two games they lost recently were against tough opponents in the Lakers and the Nets.

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