Off The Record // New Segment: Ask An Expert // Real Estate ft. Kevin Kwan - Ep 1



Guys welcome back to off the record where we talk about. What ever we want but today we have a very special segment for you guys. It's called ask an expert. I have my own personal real estate. Agent here kevin kwan. Not related but pretty cool the same last name. And he's a real estate agent so We're gonna ask them some questions and hopefully we can share some knowledge. Do you guys have the same last name like spell it the same way to. yes sir. because there's also the q. u. a. ends right. Are they the same. Technically depends on how you write. The character and chinese dear parents know each other. I don't know let my dad or you talk to him on the phone sound so this is a segment that we started doing because a lot of you guys have been asking for us to have a legit expert or someone who's got credentials and a professional in the field. So we're going to start doing this. And i hope you guys like this. I mean we're professional to but he's just a little more well. He has a degree which is pretty interesting. Then i so. I question how to buy your first home. That's a very good question. I think the first place. You should always started probably tartar. Realtor right and when you do a realtor. I think one of the biggest things that you should always do is talk to somebody that does his full-time all not a part-time part-time age is not somebody that does it on the side. I think that's one of the biggest pet peeves for me. Is you know the entry level to get. Your license is so easy. Get your license in now. You can tell real estate right. And it's not too difficult to get a real estate license. But i always tell people buying real estate's probably the second biggest thing that you do in your life i the versus pry retirement right. We work because we don't want to work for getting married on your list number. Seven chicks are expensive. How about buying a car. That's pretty big. Might be a third one. Oh wait yeah. We don't buy expensive cars. Retirement retirement than home in the car or marriage for some people right goes from big to small. Yeah so what's wrong with the people that both part time part timers Well they don't know the transaction to all they don't know the process to all right. I always i always kind of relate back to the whole retirement part. I mean you wouldn't want a part-time financial visor handling your horse harvey harbor but i can also handle. You're right but you have that all the time in the real say industry you gotta barber. That's his do real on the side. I can help you with that right. There's there's a lot of things that happen within a real estate transaction and with it being such a big purchase. You want to make sure that you have the right professional hoping you know. What are the red flags. That i should look for in finding a real estate agent. Where it's like this guy i don't know about this guy like the silk tie do

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