CBS News reports person of interest identified in connection with Nashville bombing


The name of a person of interest tied to the explosion that rocked Nashville on Christmas Day. Multiple sources say. Anthony Quinn Warner, a national area resident, had a similar make and model RV is the one in photos released to the public water described as a white male 63 years old. We're going live now to an FBI news conference from Nashville. I'm special agent in charge. Doug Corn, ask E. And then Mickey French. The special agent in charge of the FBI was a star. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will also speak. Also joining us is Colonel Matt paired with the Tennessee Highway Patrol following the investigators update. Well, then hear from Mayor Cooper. At this time, I'll turn it over to United States Attorney Cochran Have known 2020 has been a tough year for Nashville. Started back in March with devastating tornadoes that we had the torch through some of our neighborhoods. Continued through the pandemic and the events of this past summer and now this Cowardly bombing on Christmas morning. Right here in the heart of our downtown. Yeah. When they haven't heard about Nashville use in the time I've lived here is that they're tough and they stick together as a team, and that's what we're doing now. And I want you to know that the team is behind me. And the folks that they represent are doing everything we can to. Find out what happened here to get the answers that you deserve. And to make sure that we're all safe. So One of the toughest groups of folks we've got here in middle Tennessee is our law, enforcement of first responders and nowhere in my experience in law enforcement. Has that ever been plainer to me and what happened early yesterday morning? 6 15 6 26 30 years. So on Christmas morning, Metro Nashville police officers just number of blocks north of here didn't run away from danger literally ran to danger. Vehicle that was announcing that it was going to blow up. And Metro Nashville police officers instead of heading in the other direction headed towards that. They evacuated that area got all the citizens out of there. I'm quite confident that their actions are part of the reason why there was less cost of life in this heinous act. Sorry. Yesterday morning we had a task force came together and it didn't No. One time thing. This is what we do all the time. The U. S attorney's office. We work together with our federal partners are state partners in our local partners. That's what immediately started happening yesterday. Teams of agents group together across agencies started handling leads its citizens are citizens were calling in. We've had over 500 leads and tips come in on every single one of those is being followed up by a team of investigators. That's the stage we're at in this investigation. We are still continuing to follow every lead that we have. On. We will continue to do so until we find out what's happened. We also have national resources here. The department justice, the acting attorney general has told me any resources we need. We can have the FBI and the A. T F have sent their most specialized bomb technicians here to Nashville. And as we speak, they are north of here, a number of blocks that he had a massive crime scene. Doing what they do. Doing frankly what they do better than anyone else in the world, and it's quite a challenge. Having been up there and seeing that scene, it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle created by bomb throws pieces of evidence across multiple city blocks. They've got to gather it. They've got to catalog it. They've got to put it back together and trying to find out what the picture of that puzzle looks like. But there's no one better to do it. Then the folks we've got on the ground here in Nashville, Tennessee, right now. So that's going on as we speak. The investigations of the Leeds was going on as we speak. I am Confident in the team. We have way will get to the bottom of this that we will find out the story of this individual or individuals. We don't know right now. But this this is ultimate Scrooge, who on Christmas morning instead of spreading joy and cheer decided to spread devastation and destruction. But We know how that story ends your Nashville. We're gonna stand together. We're gonna get back on her feet. We're gonna get our business is back up and running. We're gonna get our infrastructure and the cell coverage back up and running because that's what we do in Nashville. Thank you for your time. I

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