Ep 198: Steve Harvey Really Ruined Dating


And we're the host of new podcast called k. Didata gals were just three fun and flirty gals talking about all the fun and flirty ways that people expire like how three people died because of a poodle. Basically this podcast is kind of like sex in the city. If they only talked about dead people join us as we laugh. But mostly crime in the face of death so listen to cadaver gals new episodes out on wednesdays listened to cadaver gals on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Guess what decision. We're about to make moral decisions. Welcome yet another episode of horry blade. Dc this girl mandy be yard. You know what it is. We are wrapping up this hell of a year. I'm sitting next to my co host. Who goes by. We the and i am going to have to as right now. Big he h fatty and go. So you really do have ak guys welcome on sumo better. You do it. This'll be alert when someone says some that was a we be on patriots. Algae's mandy misspelled. My name in a pile do i did. She said we'd be on. You know so funny now anyways. Y'all somehow we did make it to the end of twenty twenty. I guess we'll start. By saying i guess let's let's start by both saying one thing a piece that we completely did not expect to do. Twenty twenty adult decisions related business related career related or decisions related. That's fine especially because we did as many of you guys know how to cancel our tour which we thought we would be able to get back up and running by fall and winter and didn't happen phil wanted to atlanta bits. You was real. Look we'll check. The temperature won't be. She literally was like me. We can still do. We've been in how they go how to bring it back to the horrible decisions. Live show where they caught covid novick. No bro the world is shutting down. And i think this was right when nbc. There's no way we can do a live show and basketball ain't even playing. I just feel a little happy. That's what it was like. No we can't do it. I guess maybe we aka. I just feel like but i just feel like we. You know what actually made me. The most sad was me angry. That will change forever that will on diesel than merrill had a virtual live show. 'cause they had a book tour was supposed to come out and virtual meeting gary and i was like nombreux. We be on live and we do our patron town halls once a month. There's just no way. I think i would feel awful tired. Hard someone for a gut them zoom lens. Hey hey and they're like no greets are just such a. Don't take this way for anybody listening. They are the most draining of the show because they are the most we give the most energy in those right in as impasse or like a lot of people share their stories and how horrible decisions has effectively not only changed their lives but their relationships. A lot of people will be with their partners. And so we're taking in remember the autistic guide and his girlfriend t because we like gave read some home ale and he was like. I'm like dude. I know there's just a lot with series that if you guys are looking on youtube. I'm wearing a huge bomber jacket because it actually fairly cold. I'm a good collarbone today. Juice bitch I love you on either. Say i'm gonna do three days. But i am going to go back to what my diet was post surgery so back to liquid. Only super intake protein shakes water and then soft foods. Soft foods being like a boiled alleyway. Shit why haven't how is your shit. How what is my shit. My actual sits yes while the protein shakes. Make it a solid. So i don't really i don't really have wet shit going on lou clinton all what's crazy is i mean i. You know it's crazy. Because i'm reading all the reviews cause it's my first time juicing and and people are like oh my god. That was the hardest three days of my life and a lot of you. I don't think. I shared much of my journey post up but i did two and a half months of no solid food or people. That don't know your post op was what yeah so. I had the gastric sleeve surgery. This was now two year mandy was a bitch in a hospital by the way she was such a bitch.

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