Ubisoft Is Developing A Massive Open-World ‘Star Wars’ Video Game

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Open world star was game is in development. Not at electron arts sits in development at. Ub soft it's from the division developer yousof massive. No indication has been given us u whether it would be single player or multiplayer. Or what part of the star was timeline or win and might be released but Ub eve chemo says quote on. It's an original stores adventure. That is different from anything that has been done before. Sam what do you make of that. It can't be two stories. you can't be star. Wars chess masters tarazi yummy. Oh it's none of those things. If you just eliminate all the way star wars has manifested itself. You can figure out what this game is because it's not any of those cannon whatever it is going to be cannon with with just films and everything everything our young everything hanan. I think this is such cool news. the division is not necessarily my cup of tea but like big aaa studio. That's really really well. Resourced and capable of of of doing star wars justice undeniably so Yeah i'm really really excited. We also dug into some of the jobless things because obviously now the the word is out there like our star wars project and they're able to be a little bit more descriptive there. Nothing to revelatory words like open world action adventure linear and lawn on linear storytelling. An rpg style progression were thrown around. So it's a video game folks you heard for as many star wars games as we've gotten. Yeah it's been a million where you know this this little trailer montage. That's running a showing several of them. We haven't really ever gotten a big aaa open world star wars game. There has been role playing games. And you know jet. I fallen order is. I don't know what you would call that wide. Probably i would. I would think on the positive side. This is just yet i fall. And were because it's a bunch of open areas and ed fine with me but i want i want like i want like sky rim levels of open like our fallout lending open area. Yeah i want like actual open world star wars game. Where like that's this weird hole in the in all the star wars games we've gotten in the past if it was that that that could work well but what worries me is seeing the division footage and thinking about the avengers and like you know we did our lessons being learned about what You know open world games are when they are also games a service or are thus not being learned about that and people really like the division say anthems that the thing that scares me as much as a jazz. Yeah that's a that's a very real you know. I'd like star wars as much as the next nerd. But the franchise assertive written into a corner because there are no jet. I in modern star wars so unless they go back in time to old republic all any player ever want to do is run around as a djeddai but the fiction of every single star. Wars game has to itself for why you know. I'm not a jet. I but i'm using a lightsaber or Or calcutta's in jeddah. Fallen order is a jet. I'd here's why you know. No one knows about him like i. It's this big stumbling block. That like every star wars game has to overcome so but even if you are jet. I like you can't be getting a new lightsaber and equipping new loot and being on this loop dried. Really like he got different different robes. Sure where they can make that work. that's horrible. I think that's why a builder public works of the time when there were there were a lot of it is. I'm definitely a fan of a lot of ubisoft. Open world games. A lot of the Is far cries but Yeah just to echo what you're saying. The divisions are really my cup of tea. Either a shared world sort of lewd or shooters not really what. I what i'm into. So i don't know i don't know what to make of this Tina i know you like a lot of assassins creeds. Obviously like open games shema. What what's your take on this. I didn't play of division one. I did actually like the vision to i think there are. Rpg elements that make sense and like you know really big dense world to go around and do different activities in could could be a really good fit to so. I have confidence that us off. Nasa is a great choice in general Breaking out of. Ea exclusively is a good thing for them if felt like felt like ea developing those games Was a bit of practice for what is now known as lucasfilm games. And now they get to branch out and pick like a clipper per the type of game that they're going for so that they don't feel necessarily like hamstring into Squeezed into one publisher particularly. So it's like they got a little bit confidence with the successive jet iphone. Order and star wars squadrons and a couple advancements the battlefront two. So they've figured out a formula that could work and now they get to poach essential essentially developers from different talents to figure out what else they're gonna do in this increasingly dense cannon star wars world.

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