Esports Betting: The Major Products And Markets For 2021


They may call me the prophet but in my life. Outside of the business of sports. I have worked on the investment side of the table for the better part of the last two decades. The single fastest growing area of gaming e sports is gambling. It's booming right now. You don't need to be profit like me to see that. Whoever as an investor. I have stayed away from gambling and betting companies because of the reputational risk and often shady nature of the companies involved. That was true. Until now. I have recently bought stock in a new public company called east sports entertainment group which is focused on e. sports and gambling. The big difference. That changed my mind. Is that ea sports. Entertainment group is a public company. Nasdaq-listed and fully regulated focused on east sports betting the regulatory and audit requirements of a public company are key in my mind to provide the needed transparency for players betters and investors. I had an opportunity to host the ceo of sports. Entertainment group on this podcast. A couple of months back and i was very impressed by his vision for the company. We have stayed in touch. And i'm delighted to announce that they've accepted to become an official sponsor of the podcast. If you're a family office institutional investor or investor of any kind ea sports entertainment group ticker symbol g. m. b. l. Might be one of the best ways to get exposure to the e sports betting space and gaming in general

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