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Of the best players in the game to our team. So there's a lot of excitement just on his resume and his talent, his excitement to be here hardened, coming left hard screen knifing through the defense for the rare many hits. The Floater first made few gold for James Harden Yes, and special talent in his locker room. Necessarily gonna need, especially when it come postseason. Obviously, we haven't built knows much chemistry as we would like. But first game feels good to be out there on the cord. And once you build that up on, guys believe in each other, and it was pretty scary Harden low cross over to the step back and it's stored change pardon with 24 next, with their largest lead, Orlando wants a time out. That's right to Durant. 15. FT jumper is good over bacon 39 for Katie 102 98. I felt like I got to my spot, see nothing. It was a matter of time before I started walking down. Got some great screens tonight, DJ in the big game set me up Nice. My team. They set me up Nice but just felt comfortable and hopefully continues now. Durant Front court walks in with three and it starred Kevin Durant when 40 to his three and the next Take a 1 10 104 lead with 4 25 remaining in the fourth thing we're gonna have to continue leave. Find how it all works with best level to the most effective and efficient standard. But throwing Kyrie in the mixed makes it better. It's a good problem to have Hardened with a triple double in Game one. With his new squad, 32,

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