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W. T. O P studios had 7 11. Trump administration has carried out is 13th and final federal execution. The inmate was Dustin Higgs, convicted in connection with the murders of three women and Laurel in 1996, just before 1:30 A.m. that 48 year old Dustin Higgs of Laurel died by lethal injection 25 years ago This month, Higgs and two other men got into an argument with three D C women and his apartment. He then drove them to the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge, where another man shot them to death. Higgs was later Evicted on murder and kidnapping charges in 2000 before he was put to death, Higgs said the names of the three women 19 year old Tameka Black 21, year old Tangie, Jackson and 23 Year old Mission, Chin Higgs, then maintained his innocents, saying he did not order their deaths. Jackson's sister released a statement that said in

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