Reason you make it. You know if Kyrie Besides T O leave basketball for good.


Have the rant a chance to re sign Durant to another contract. James Harden is under team control for years. So that's the reason you make it. You know if Kyrie Besides T O leave basketball for good. All right, then you you figure out how you you know, work out his contract situation and use that money elsewhere. If Kyrie demands a trade somehow you trade him and bring in other things that Help you out, and you still have hardened and Katie. Now, I think most likely it's gonna be the three of them. And you know how that is. Hold out and the responsibilities are shared remains to be seen. I think you know, like Kyrie, even with those other two guys at the end of games. I'm not so sure Carrie isn't the best option carries that good. As a scorer and getting two spots on the floor. Um harden is that you know, the distributor amongst the three of them. Really? I mean, hard doesn't get enough credit for his play making, but I mean, even As poorly as he's played almost on purpose. It seems like with Houston, he's tied for the league leading assist right now. I mean, you know he plays isil when all that, but he knows how to break down a defense and said other guys up, So I think you'll see him in more of a playmaking world. And then Durant is just an all around force. I mean, Durant could score from any spot on the floor. Defensively, he alter shots with his length and everything. And you know, he's already a top 15 player. Of all time, but I think you know it. Makes it so You can have this brilliant play, making Big three scoring Big three and it also is insurance against anything going awry. With Kyrie 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 NFL divisional round playoffs are here. What matchup are you most excited about? Is it you know Josh Alan and Lamar Jackson. Is that the best game the best QB match up better than breeze

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