The (Beauty) Business of Philanthropy with Karissa Bodnar

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Lot of people you know. They write gen generals and they say i wanna be in. You know this part of the business. How do i get there and to be really honest. I don't always know how to respond. Because you know. I know where i am in the business and i know the steps that i took but You know they might say. I wanna be a perfumer. I wanna start my own liner. I wanna be a makeup artist. And i don't always know how to respond How how would you respond to a question like that because for you. You didn't know how to get to where you were but you got there. What was the thing that means you get. There was just focus or asking around. Like how did you get to where you are. Oh it's such a great question just so specifically to being beauty product developer. I took any job. I could get in the beauty industry and ben was always looking at it through the lens of okay. I'm a makeup artist right now. But how would i create a product. Let me learn everything i can about. Let me google got ingredient. Means if i don't have access to expert and really a lot of it is just that passion coming through. And i think when i got hired on xtra. Sonic graduated from college. I got my foot in the door always with an eye. I wasn't directly to impact development. When i started but it was always expressing how much i wanted to be in product development so then when i finally got the chance i was like i am not gonna let this go by and i think just so many of the skills when you're starting out in your career or transferable whether it's product development or marketing and so at the end of the day when you're first starting out a lotta censure making power points on spreadsheets. You're you're doing a lot of a lot of tasks that you can. You can transfer But i would say a showing that initiative in the passion for whatever you want to do so for me. It was product development. I think people will pick up on that and they'll wanna mentor. You okay. that's really great advice. Okay thank you. plus your husband's a product developer. So we have to save his his advice matches up with choruses. I'm gonna ask him later. He jesse my husband. I meant chris's husband or something. Yes yes i. I just think it's interesting because i really do feel sometimes a little bit after somebody writes. I don't know how you feel john. Somebody writes us like why be x. Person i don't really know if i'm giving them the best advice I can just tell them how. I reached my thing but yeah like absorb as much as you can express your interest to anyone who will listen. I wanna be you know here and hopefully you know not everyone is going to care and take you under their wing. Unfortunately that's the reality but somebody will know somebody will hear what you're interested in that i'll tell you this person or that's and showing expressing that interest but i just think it's awesome that you did know that you wanted to do product development and you just kept on finding away you know that. Make up artists to product of outbursts. Such a cool trajectory. We don't always hear that on fat mascara t tell us more. Let's keep going. Let's keep going into your story. Yes well and and i do have to say like i recognize what a gift it was that i knew that when i was so young. And not everybody's past and so what i do want to say is that first of all. I don't have all the answers. Second of all you're never too young and you're never too old to be who you always be so you can always invites You know you can always change your mind and at the end of the day my wife and my driver is philanthropy that i get to do every single day. Our incredible employees in product development. Like i get to do the thing that i have dreamt of doing my entire life so i feel really blessed awesome. It's very inspiring. You're never too young. Says like twenty eight year olds for you when you when you started your company. Well that's that's the funny thing about the term ceo. I'm such a work in progress right i. i'm. I'm absolutely not oh come on to answer. The question pat started. I believe was twenty-five but please it's a person. Thank you so much. Yeah you know. it's funny. I have really long hair out saving. Cut it for over a year. Oh my gosh. Look the pandemic who and i have always had longer hair in one of the things i love to do as locks of love but i was actually just talking to some of our team members about it. I said you know to me when i when i started writing. Cosmetics is really tried to look older because nobody really took me. I like to wear that right Cut my hair shorter to look more mature. And look more like i could fit in manhattan and everything like that but So so now. Having longer hair is like. I'm by thirties. Now and i can have longer hair but you know it was the. I've made plenty of mistakes an absolutely a work in progress. But it's i've had a lot of grace From from people around me throughout this journey can can. I ask you about when you started this company. I mean from the very beginning you know. Social good was sort of baked into the premise. Right yes can you tell us about why that is if and do you think that's a necessity of every business. These days or was that was that unique. That the time that you did it. So i'm not here to say what other people should do for their business. But i can absolutely say that my y. End what has truly been in. The dna of thrive cosmetics from the very beginning is our philanthropy giving back that we do from the very beginning. When i started the business in two thousand fifteen that every time somebody bought a product we would be giving back and now it's grown bigger than i ever dreamed given over one hundred million dollars worth of products. Now it feels it feels so surreal to say it out loud dollars. Isn't that crazy. But honestly it's thanks to our customers. Our community are giving partners and our boys are are giving powered by our community which you know our employees have a say in who we give back to our customers have a say in how we give back and that's why it's when a say do have like vote. How does that work literally are if you want to tell us a charity that you want us to give back to. You can go on five. Cosmetics dot com and we have a giving page where you could nominate a giving partner. And then we do have internal giving committees. You know in the beginning when it was just a couple of us in a room working together and shipping product and everything like that we mer service all same time as worshiping product of everybody went to every single giving events and We're involved directly with every Charity and we want it now that our company has grown from an employee perspective. We wanna make sure that our employees are still involved so people do have the option of one nominating a charity that they want us to give to whether they're an employee a customer or somebody who's never bought from us but they just in our our community and then also we haven't internal Committee where people any employees no matter what department their engine joined the committee.

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