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Greatest use you can be around. He really is and then for him to kind of have the adversity of coming out the first year and people doubted him, then go out and explode on the scene last year and Just one of those guys you root for, and I can't say enough about just how good of a dude years it makes you love him that you are from the NBA Lakers Roll the pelicans. 1 12 95 LeBron James, Just missing the triple Double 21 points. Eight boards. 11 assists clippers Pound of the King's 1 38 100 Jazz dominate the Hawks. 1 12 96 Thunder shocked the Bulls won 27 1 25 in overtime came back from 22 down. Not survive the Mavericks. 1 12 1 of nine. You understand Cooper, a 31 calves up in the next one of 61 of three entree drum and 33 points to 23 ports, and the Celtics buried the magic 1 24 97. James Harden spoke for the first time after his trade to the Nets and talked about what he's going to bring to Brooklyn. In the league player, an elite team mate. In the elite leader. Um, just a guy that's willing to do whatever it takes. To record his ministry went as many wins as we can they want from baseball Yankees reportedly bring back the batting champion DJ let Mayhew reportedly a six year deal and 90 million bombers also reportedly bringing in a former two time Cy Young winner, and Cory Clubber. One year at 11 Million Clover has pitched eight innings. Check that eight starts in the last two years combined College hoops

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