Blake Shelton defends 'Minimum Wage' song


On the phone. Right now is blake shelton it. We got new song out today We do and It's we kicked around actually releasing this song last last year at the end of the year december and and happy anywhere still kind of having its moment at country radio and we didn't want anything to get in the way of that record because that's been fun record to have and didn't want anything to interfere with what it what it may go on to do And so we backed out. And now we're releasing this all minimum wage. Which i've actually had recorded now for Maybe a year or something and and just you know everything. Kinda got thrown spun out last year. Obviously it did for everybody else and and So we're gonna come with a new album that this'll be the first single off of that album and we're pumped about it just because it's it's up campo it's fun and fully energy and and I definitely need some of that in my life and hopefully Everybody kind need some of that. If you put out a song and it does not go number one. Is that a disappointment to you Well that's been a disappoint not just at this point in my career. I mean if you're going to release a solid radio. I mean you're lying to everybody if you say it's not in the back of your mind that you hope it goes number one. I mean you otherwise. You wouldn't even release it to radio and go through the promotion process and you know all the things that you that you have to do to to be a part of that world. I mean you know. I mean you see. Every week somebody is trying to get their record number one and and You know for me. Not that i expect it to go number one but at the same time. I'm disappointed if it doesn't just because i know how hard everybody on the team works to get those things to the top you know and it just try to get done. Blake shelton on with us. What was the first job you had where you made minimum wage our roof houses in ada oklahoma and they may have been more than minimum wage. I think about. I think i got paid eight dollars an hour and i feel like way back then. Minimum wage might have been six dollars an hour or something closer to that. So man i. I stepped right into the big money. Roofing houses you know. I wrote houses to arkansas. But i didn't. I don't know if you started like i did. I had to be tear off. Guy i before i was actually the guy with the shingles is that. Was that your pat. I never worked up to shingle. In two years. I was a tear off and carry. I could carry by the end of the road. I can carry two bottles of shingles up at a time on on my shoulder which is like a hundred and twenty pounds. That was the only time in my life. I was ever in shape. Of course i was still a teenager. So i had that going for me. How do you feel about the return of the mullet. What do people say about yours back. In the day versus you know kind of the new generation of the mullet. Here's how about it. Because i'm a little jealous And that's been honest. i'm. I'm a little jealous that i don't have the mullet. But here's what i've found. Is you know you look at morgan. Wall he's a good looking guy and he's in shape and and when i've tried growing my mullet out this last last year during the quarantine time i realized for me. You can't be fat and have a mullet lock. You know what. I mean in order to get away with it. You have to have something else going for you and you know back in the day when i had one man. I was skinny. And that's not how it is anymore. And so i'm gonna have to. If i'm going to have the mullet. I gotta lose hundred fifty pounds. There's a lot that's a big number man pat is. I'm sorry bobby. Blake this whole controversy about minimum wage. When it finally gets to you that people are. I don't know whatever they are. Do you roll your eyes or do you go to this Well i've learned over the years not to just roll my eyes. You know until. I really get to the bottom of whatever. The particular controversy is that But when i saw this on was i i mean. I don't want him everything but it kind of a role of the is. Because i think if there's if you can find something offensive about this song i mean you're either you're just looking for fight or you're probably not a country music fan to begin with you know it's i. I really can't draw connection between anything controversial. And i love song. But you know it's It's the times we're in. i guess but we're just. We're proud of the song and and we love it. Which is weird. Because as soon as i heard about the controversy i came on and was just railing against these overly woke folks. It's what i was calling him. And then i started to get pushed back for standing up for the fact that it was a metaphor for life in that i was someone who grew up on minimum wage for most of my life. I wasn't. I was just so irritated in ronnie dunn fight. The standing up for two like why in the world is happening with folks. Think you just gotta go okay. Well that's your your take. We're we're going to keep going on with reality on this road and you can take whatever turn you want to Because it's at the end of the day it's a song about if you got love and then you didn't you've got the everything that matters you know And again if there's something offensive about that then i this is not the the world i wanna live in. Have any of your other songs sparked up debate. Like do people get upset about hillbilly bone. Because you know you know you know. Only you know only time that people get upset about that song when we perform it live and trace sexually points In the in the area makes it makes it big deal every time it gets to the chorus like. He's got a point to himself to be sure you understand exactly what he's talking about. I don't know. I don't know i don't know what to say. Oh i i thought he he points to a hillbilly and the crowd. Yeah that's right that's not me up. Blake shelton's got a couple more questions for you. I was talking to devon dawson recently. Who is one of the writers god's country and he told a story about how they they had sent playlist to you a few songs and god's country was one of the first ones on that playlist. Can you just kind of tell me your version of the story. But hearing god's country i was well. I don't think. I heard the other song that they spent because wanted god's country was the first song on that email or whatever i got and i stopped right there. I was on my There's a rumor going around that. I was on tractor But i was actually on skid steer different kind of equipment. But i had a both in that thing and i was i was mowing and doing some things and i figured out how to our. He's not think. I even tried to open the email to see if i could learn how to use my bluetooth and and And i turned it on. And then i was. I was shocked. I was blown away. I couldn't even believe what. I was hearing. 'cause i knew that it was it was a it was game changer. It was that lacombe. Nothing would be the same for any of us involved after this song is far from a career standpoint and and what it was going to to do you know and in my mind anyway because every time you record song you say oh my god this could do this or that And this one seemed like it would just almost Start a new chapter for me. And it did to be honest It's one of the few times that actually had a vision and trick that the my last question for you if twenty eight number ones now twenty eight like once concerts return. You're at the point now where you could do. Two nights in a city playing pretty much all number ones and other massive songs didn't quite number one is that something that you'd want to do is do two nights and a city making sure you get all the hits in what i wanna play in front of a of a full crowd and two nights probably will be one night too many from i guess i guess if people would promise they would come back in the second half then. Yeah that would be a blast. I used to always think that about george strait. I always thought it'd be cool if he did like a marathon like a four or five hour concert just all these number one hits and it was on. Hbo or or something like that. Yeah that's my big idea for george. Anyway he needs it. I think he's he's in the business for some career advice so i'm gonna hit him up. Tell him he loves it. He loves to work. I'll tell you

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