Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Holding Hands

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Livy wild and harry styles are dating over the weekend. They were caught holding hands on their way to a friend's wedding in montecito california. A source tells us news. They shared a room and their romance has been going on for a little while now. So let's just talk about this. Okay you see the headline first reaction and then you see the video. First reaction morgan go. I don't i literally been processing this for three days. Because i mentioned massive harry styles fan and i just feel like listen. I like libya. I like little wild. I feel like we just heard about her. Swith jason today day. I felt like when you're that famous when you're at that level harry styles whose notoriously private olivia jason really work public unless they really needed to be in terms of like red carpets and things that they will promoting something feels not inauthentic. I don't know the words if you do. You can tweet us with something. Doesn't why all a sudden you just hand holding after ten years of being with the same person like is it if it was really something when you want to keep it close to the chest pain moving first of all. I love morgan that you went straight like investigative reporter on jeff. Does it make sense. Is it for publicity for the movie. Meanwhile i'm over here inserting myself into olivia wilde shoes going well. I'm only a few years older than olivia wilde. So does that mean that. I mean that. I've been his age practice. He did say that he wouldn't eat anyone older than his mom. His is forty three young mom already. So i feel like there's a chance iphone. Harry styles is an old soul. I agree like i just couldn't the age difference does not faze me one big The fact that she has children. I don't really see him like to be a father. Step father right now but But you know the whole relationship caught me off guard. I think ever. I know it's too early to say. I'm kind of with you morgan. I feel like i just listen. We just found out november about jason. However there's been reports that they were you know separated. We found out about so who knows but it sure felt just. Can't me jason like like a dagger in the no. I agree with that feeling old. And yeah i they've been separated christie. You're right. i feel like they've been separated by the way you're separated. She's allowed to date whoever she wonders. It's not even about pass relationship for me. What it is is just. You don't casually just get. We have to ask one hundred different publicists for any sort of comment to confirm something. I don't know who's just strolling out on twenty twenty one day. Three with two major star. That are like you know by the way we're doing this this weekend. I was like now prepared. It was so this was his agents wedding so there wasn't good names there whenever it's a hollywood agent like that right so they knew that there was a word was going to get out like they were making a declaration by showing right hand holding like did you notice the handhold. Seniors name church wind very intimate to hold someone back to me. It's one thing if they went together and he had his hand on. The smaller faster was helping her walk down the hill and the wedges ten church twining lace the fingers his new relationship so and i guarantee if olympia seasons right. Now she's like you guys are so ridiculous like fun and once you make out with harry styles. You'll know why. I'm holding his man okay. The best twenty twenty one. Like if we're gonna nominate best twenty twenty one by jason. Actually harry is because she's also such a cat cheated mark. She's an incredible actress. An incredible director like an awesome. Mom has a great relationship with her ex. Like i know that we think she's lucky. But like harry is very lucky

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