Taking Children: A History of American Terror with Dr. Laura Briggs


So let's jump into this Laura briggs welcome. I'm glad to be here. Thanks for having me on. I'm so excited about your new book by the way You know because the media has all but forgotten about the children who've been separated from their families know the detention camps and the cages. You know we were all outraged when it first started to happen but you know really. No one talks about this. And what's happened is that things have just worsened for everyone else right and so we just took our focus off of it but i mean i think that's the problem which i think is kind of underlying message of your book that history keeps repeating itself. I think that's right. That's right and like one of the things you notice. Was that a lot of leftists. And a lot of people on the left in progressives and democrats kept saying you know all this is unamerican. Americans don't do this but you know that's pretty much. All we've done is separated children from their families. Well that's really why i wrote. The book is because i want people to see that. This is a form of violence like policing imprisonment. That taking children disrupting the inside. So people's families particularly people have colored families is a form of sadism and cruelty that has been part of the american political system since before there was a country here. Yeah and i think one of the things that i learned in the opening of your book is that by not calling out this fallacy of american exceptionalism that we can keep the harm going right. You know this. We support the harm by not saying you know what we're not exceptional especially in this way. That's right and i think that the problem the we also face especially as we're coming up on an election is if we think that donald trump has so i president who has separated the kits of refugees from their parents. If we think that this is the first time in. Us history that people have lost children to the foster care system to health and human services to powerful forces of the state then we will just elect another president. Who will do it again for me. The moment of truth actually came when obama was first elected in two thousand eight and lived near the border. And so i knew there In arizona knew very well what was happening at the border and a friend of mine who was undocumented was picked up by the police and for a tail light or something tinting on her winds and they investigated her status and couldn't get they couldn't quite figure it out because immigration status as always confusing shared a border crossing card so they called ice And they took the two year old child who was in the back seat and they separated them and they told her that they would put this child in foster care unless she explained her immigration status to them and how long exactly she'd been in the country. Had she overstate of these and would she named the people who helped her any people who employed her and the thing was so shocking to me was a- bama had just become president when just lived through george w bush and torture in usa's detention camps all over the world and we had lived with immigration raids. And i knew about the separation of immigrant and refugee children from their parents under george w bush and i was so sure that everything was going to be better because obama was president and the first thing i learned was that this friend of mine head immediately been separated from her toddler daughter and threatened with losing her and the reason i wrote the book is that i won't be able to very clearly that they're selling rotten at the core of the us political system that enables us over and over again to terrorize people of color in particular by taking their children.

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