Heat in the wind we had last Thursday Friday,


Tax filing season will open February 12th this year about two weeks later than normal. Larry Kaskey Bloomberg Radio. So San Diego County is gearing up for another round of Santa Ana winds. The high wind warning in effect seven o'clock tomorrow morning until 10 o'clock on Wednesday night for all areas of the county except for the desert. Look starting with the National Weather Service says this will lead to increase fire danger because things have been so dry right now across the region That is the condition the things Aaron as elevating the rest, in fact, two weeks of drying, so I know the calendar, says January 18th holiday, but the few moisture after two weeks of drying repeated Santa Ana wind events, especially the heat in the wind we had last Thursday Friday, the calendar might say January, but the few moisture says October We're looking at widespread, damaging winds that impact travel impact infrastructure, and if there are any fire starts because of those critical fuels, the fires are gonna spread rapidly. This next round of Santa Anna's again is going to hit tomorrow. We've had them in the forecast last several days, but they're hitting tomorrow in the most extreme fashion of the ones we have seen here over the last week or so these would be the strongest. The damaging winds look to be most occurring and forming Tuesday afternoon and really, just

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