A highlight from Drawn To It Podcast - EP 53 - James Lopez, Legendary 2D Animator/Director and creator of 'Hullabaloo'

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Hey welcome back everybody. Today's guest is to d. n. Mater james lopez and he talks about his career and feature film and his own property hullaballoo. Here on drawn. Podcast thank you very much for doing this. I really appreciate it had no problem. No it's my pleasure. I i actually saw. When he podcasts earlier. I was watching one. I forget it was with them at the guy who does the chunky chicken. Oh michael cook. It was a really long but it was funny. I listened to while i was working. You know like throughout the day. And i i really liked it you know. Thank you and i really appreciate that. I really like what you're doing. And i saw the other went to your channel and i saw the library of like. Oh well you've done like so many of these with so. Many different professionals like y. You know gamut of yeah yeah. It's well the whole goal is to try to inspire people who are in the animation and film industry at different levels right so the new comer and season pro and the best way to do that. I've been finding is just listening to people's stories right and so i've been getting some amazing emails from people who are like. Wow this really connected with me and that keeps me going. Yeah no definitely like with me. I think the one that you just up so bad with names already cool. Yeah michael yes thank you sorry Yeah i think you were talking about like vulnerability and stuff like that and you know. It's funny because that's not something that usually you hear people talk about and i was like really like you know was played open like. Oh my gosh. She's people are actually talking about this and sometimes it's usually stuff that i only talk about with like a close friend at lunch or something like that and and so now here like two other people just openly talking about you know the world eared. I'd like oh. Wow this is this is. This is great. I just want to be open and honest and there's a lot of stuff. I agree with you a lot of these topics. I wouldn't talk about until it was lunchtime or coffee time with my coworkers. It'd be like man i just. I don't know how i'm gonna finish seen today. I feel you know and feel depressed and whatever might be an. I've gotten to the point. My life where i need to recognize. of my day to day. Just trying to get through the day a lot of times and i just got to thinking you know. I'm probably not the only one and Maybe putting it out. There might help people who really feel like they're at the bottom of that mountain locking up which is one of my favorite cliches to to repeat but it's so true. Yeah you know. Yeah oh no absolutely and You know it's i. I've been doing a lot of talks online of like over this past year and They usually involve a talk. And then it goes into a question answer period and a lot of the Questions that seem to be reoccurring you know. Each time is somebody is asking How do they keep up I wanna say keep motivated. I think is what it was. You know that. Whole thing. And then i would say this is a good one because let's talk about that. Let's talk about And even the mental aspect of it. You know and that's what. I start to get into that. That whole mental aspect. Like how do you get yourself out of a hole. When you're in it how yourself get get yourself out of a funk you know that kind of thing and trust me like especially these past five years for me. Oh my gosh it spent such. Yeah it's been such like an up and down Rollercoaster ride of emotions back cove. It hasn't helped at all. Yeah i mean that's the other thing too. And and yeah it's yeah and on top of. Yeah so salat yes him. I think it's good to talk about. And i think after talking about it i i hope that it really does does people. I realized this. There's like we talk about the the the principles of animation but it's so important to talk about the mental aspect about not giving up. And how do you stay motivated. And i tell them certain things and And i think it think it's good.

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