How Goalcast Creates Viral Videos With Salim Sader And Cyrus Gorjipour


For. You guys started this business. Goal casts really really recently. And you've got an so good so fast that justin bieber's agent scooter braun braun. Lebron's the guy who's responsible for some of the most viral music videos in the world. He's the man who basically created justin bieber and he said these guys are some of the best and most masterful storyteller he's ever met. There's a funny story. There actually go ahead and scooter wants me to share this. But when we were filming his video for goal cast we were telling him no. Do this or say that story again or focus on this and at one point he just turned us. Zych like guys. Do you know. I make the most viral videos on the internet. And we're like. Yeah but you've never made a goal cast video. This is different and he just looked at us and he was really pissed. And he's like guys. I brought justin bieber look up videos like it has two billion views on youtube. Stand down and all that and then we just to our guns. were like. Listen if you wanna make a goal video we know what works with our audience. We know what works on facebook. Like you have to tell the story your way. And then what happened is that she then went along with it and video when we released it to him before we posted it. He called me up and he's like guys really. This is amazing. I've never tried to my own video. And i was crying watching video psych. Good thing you guys in listen to me and most people usually listen to me and you guys just stuck to your guns just reminded me of the amazing. That's really proud of you guys. How long ago did you start bowl. Cast for three years ago. Three years ago awesome and so three years. That's how you can get in three years. How many fans you have right now. More than thirty million across all social networks in three years three years. Yeah that's incredible. Please give them around of applause. Sa- break it down for us. And i want you to break it down for a step-by-step in a rap with a frenchaccent norm kid. What's going on what was going on in that rock. Thomas video works so well. How did that get eighty million views. I would start by saying that what we try to establish his four thinks it's credibility authenticity right sympathy and then relayed ability. I see you guys writing down some credibility that authenticity sympathy and reliability and ability. Yeah awesome rhyme. Oh yeah. I didn't even know so he can do it in a wrap. Your those things usually a lot of speakers. All storytellers usually focus on the credibility. Part if you notice and what we try to do is actually focus on the three others because people a lot of people already have the credibility part really down and one really good trick one. Good way to have all three at once is to be vulnerable so think about it. You know you have authenticity. if you're vulnerable. Authenticity is basically being yourself shawn stevenson. Just talked about that right like if you share. Something vulnerable yourself. You're instantly yourself right. Sympathy sympathy. Is people feeling what you're feeling right. People have to feel in your shoes and when you say something like as an example i went to talk to that girl and she broke my heart bright. If i share it with someone than instantly you feel those three things. And then you can relate also the third part relating. Is you going back to a story in your life that relates to what i just shared with you and that instantly makes us feel connected. And that's what we try to do with our videos. That's brilliantly said. Could you state those three things again for people who are taking no yes. Authenticity sympathy and reliability authenticity sympathy and relate ability. Could you go more into sympathy and reliability. Yeah sympathy and reliability to us. We try to do with both at the same time. Sympathy to us is a lot about the feeling. It's a lot about feeling the same emotion as a speaker or somebody in movies. They do that too right. You feeling the same emotion as a person going through it. If you notice alexei the rock thomas video. We do that in subtle ways as well. There's a part where his father screams at him. And then you see the kid starting to cry that is sympathy because when we show an image of a kid crying. You'd bloody feel you didn't need to have the same experience to feel that because we show an image of a kid crying you can feel it so related to the other side really ability. Is you thinking about a time which your own father. Maybe where you felt the same way. So that's how would differentiate it.

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