You know he wanted that second ring


Lung. Gotta respect the competitiveness of Drew Brees because you know he wanted that second ring any side in all time, Great career and last 34 years. They just had some bad luck. It's a bad turn over some bad officiating. Wanted. What the excuse Saints fans are going to make this time around because any controversial calls that came for they're gonna petition and file lawsuits. But I'll get it aside, you breeze one of the class accent. One of the great names in the great people in the National Football League. All right, next up, Tom Brady. No. He played a lot of Cold games now. Tampa Bay by those guys on the roster have not played Cold games. But Tom Brady said he's ready for the Cold elements and Lambeau Field this upcoming Sunday. Yeah, it's chilly man. It's that's That's January football and Northeast Midwest and we'll be prepared. You know, the team that plays the best Gonna win, not the team, then is the coldest or, you know. Got to go out there and play well and will be challenged and it's gonna be breaking and that game it's gonna come down to offensive line. Play much quarterback calls up the football to the other team. And it's tough to see right now. Anyone slowing down Rogers And Brady. As greatest. He is the 14 Conference championship games in 19 seasons as a starter. He did not look immortal yesterday. I had some bad throws, but he protected the football and didn't get picked off. Now the offense is gonna have to be better at Lambeau. They're gonna want win this game and they're going up against the Saints have a better defense in the package for the practice defense. It's not bad. They made some improvements this year. So that game. I really think it comes down to which quarterback you get pressure on and Rogers. They got pressure on him twice, and he threw two picks last time. So Bucks beat them back and week six and Green Bay was spotted 10. Nothing lead. I think that's gonna be a close game. Just look at Green Bay,

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