HBO's Euphoria releases Christmas episode


I just gotta put a little warning out to the parents out there who have kids in high school. I'm not sure you want to watch euphoria. Or maybe you do to give you complete terror as to what is really going on or could be going on. Insert and it is going on in certain cars, but I mean it is aggressive on the Internet is causing a lot of opportunities out there that was not as easily accessible. As it was back in the day. So I mean, do you believe that to be accurate of what's going on? Because it's I mean it is. I mean, I'm like sitting there with my stomach moving around watching the show. Idea. I do believe that that's what's going on. Because if you have to think about how removed you are from that world, you know, even when you're a senior in high school, you look back at freshman year like I was never that young and shrimpy when I was a freshman, like, why are these kids so young looking now? I remember being that young when I was a freshman. But you were so you multiply that by being removed 5 10 15 2030 years from high school, and you don't know what kids are dealing with. And I think that's also the point of the show is it is this shocking warts and all account sometimes a bit stylistic, but still as realistic as possible. Trail of what young adults are dealing with today in today's world, what It's like to be a kid in the social media age and all of this, it's really striking. And I think it Zane. The accurate which is both Stunning and also a little tragic When you consider what that everything that happens in that show and what the characters go through, mentally emotionally and everything I mean back when young old car was a young Carm like somebody Smoking marijuana and ice cold like that was only is a crazy person. This is like I mean, wow. Okay, I'm up against the news here, so I gotta get on out here, Josh. Oh, you're the best editorial director Fan cited. You're giving your number one pick on the way out here. If you watch nothing else this holiday season, it should be. Make on Netflix Directed by David Fincher. Watch it

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