Senate, Senator Paul And President Biden discussed on Tony Katz Weekend


Majority is eager to focus on President Biden's agenda, but they are still determined to hold Mr Trump accountable for the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. Joining us now from Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy. Senator I want to start off where I left off with Senator Paul No one in Washington thinks that the Senate is going to vote to convict Donald Trump this week. But you're going to relive all of the anger all the division of January sex, you're going to interrupt. Biden Presidency agenda. I guess the question is to what end? Living is that in two ways first, I think we have a constitutional responsibility to hold this trial, and I think you laid this out for Senator Paul. There's clear precedent for the Senate moving forward on impeachment trial once being sent articles even after an official has left office, and so my analysis here sort of begins and ends with what is my constitutional responsibility. I don't think our job ends just because the president is left office, in part because Impeachment comes not only with the provisions to remove an official from office but to disqualify them for future office, So there's still a consequence. Toe President Trump if convicted on by a second. This doesn't stop the rest of the business we're considering. In fact, the Senate can walk and chew gum at the same time we will next week. We'll start off on Monday by confirming another Cabinet nominee by the president. We will likely hold hearings and committees next week to move other nominees forth, and because last week we move forward the process on the covert relief bill. That is going to save this country's economy. We will also spend next week writing that legislation working, hopefully, with Republicans like Rand Paul to make it bipartisan. In the end, the Senate's going to do all three things next week. We're going to do our constitutional responsibility and hold a trial. It won't last very long. We're going to move forward nominees and we're going to continue to push forward covert relief legislation. The Senate could do all of those things and we will I just want to lock this down because I had much of that This had been set. Yet You are gonna set rules that allow for a bite for creative process where you couldn't do things in the morning before 1 P.m. and then go to the Senate trial that after one that's been approved. So I think the exact rules of the travel is still being locked down. But normally you would start a trial at noon. And that would allow you through the committee process to continue to hold hearings getting nominees ready for action on the Senate during the morning, and throughout the day, we will also be working on making sure that those $2000 checks are teed up for passage that the new money for vaccines is ready to go. We'll do all of that work next week. Well, we're also moving forward with impeachment. Will Senate Democrats vote to call witnesses And how long will the trial last? I think we should be consistent. Obviously, we were very strongly in favor of witnesses during the first impeachment trial. We're very disappointed when the House to ask for the ability to call witnesses and Senate Republicans denied them that ability, so if the House managers want to call witnesses, then I think we should allow them to do so. It's a different trial in the sense that You know, in the first trial with we didn't see what happened. The American public did have a window in the decisions that were being made behind closed doors to trade American influence in order for campaign help. This time we saw what happened in real time President Trump sent that angry mob to the capital on live TV. So it's not as important that you have witnesses. But if the House managers want witnesses, we should allow them to be able to put them on. All right there Two issues here that I explored with Senator Paul and I want to do the same with you. One is the case one of the Constitution let's go to the case. First did the president in sight? This mob to attack the capital. There's no question that he fired up the crowd, but he also said this senator I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotic

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