Hugh and Dog poo etiquette, Henry's long lost crown, Mancunian tea bag dunking expertise, reverse Keto - burst 8


Me. We're gonna move lou poem in second also but we didn't even cover The issue that i had earlier today. When i called somebody them facetime. And i'm gonna let you know what happened. tomorrow and And also my corgis going into heat in. It's having those at as adolescent lady problems and all sorts of the carnage is ensuing and. I'm probably a bad dog. That i think in this situation Also zoom meetings. Have you ever spent You know maybe five or ten minutes getting ready quickly. If you got ready in the past. I'm gonna tell you how quickly i did and also Those co cats who listen to very obscure type of indie music. I created new radio station for them basically and some of the songs that they may be listening to go that tomorrow and mysterious burnt logs in the would everything else

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