Marilyn Manson allegedly 'forced female fans to strip' after inviting them on his tour bus

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Marilyn Manson. Mm hmm. Uh, well, they have a photographer is alleged that Marilyn Manson forced females to strip Assed part of a warp sex game with him. Erika von Stein alleges that Mr Manson real name Brian. He Warner also Applied fans with alcohol before ordering them to take off their clothes. Speaking to the mirror. Miss von Stein said she was picked from a crowd of fans by Manson's minders and escorted to his tour bus. She then allegedly hit in the back of a group as the musician pointed at a group of women and instructed them to take off their tops. She? She claims he wanted to see who had the best. Yes, we've had him take off all their clothes, but a garbage person. This is according to her. Everyone was a bit surprised. He made it feel normal like it was something fun to do. Garbage person. Go

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