Did Alec Baldwin Know about Hilaria?


Did alec baldwin really know and i. I don't really know. I really. I think i think he's a weird guy You know he was awful to kim bassey basing her his wife he was. You know awful to the daughter. When she was about thirteen is the famous. You know voice message that he left her. They were going through very very contentious divorce. And a lot of lawyers involved a lot of custody battles between alec and kim. And i think it was about thirteen and i think either she flaked on their time alone or didn't wanna go over to the dad's house which happens a lot when kids are about that age and their parents are separated and he left her. The message saying your little pig. And i guess kim did submit it in her divorce findings and it went public. And i mean there's even a youtube video of door the explorer like with the voice of it. I remember my sons went saw. It went very viral since then ireland. A very pretty girl also very popular and instagram. She is an adult now. kim has really not been acting. I haven't seen her in much. She's sixty seven years old. I did not realize that she was actually older than alec But i don't know what she's up to but when this story broke down a couple days after christmas who was the girlfriend. That is like kim coming over with a bottle of wine and let us fuck and talk even if she didn't care about hillary under five kids and that you know because obviously she was nicer daughter ireland. But there's just got to be some satisfaction in knowing that your ex husband's wife is been proven to be full of shit as far as this still doesn't mean she's not a nice person. A charitable person. But this is weird in a nutshell. She grew up in boston. She went to high school here. Her parents are white her. She's relatives all the way from like the revolutionary war or whatever. There is no spanish in her blood at all. The dad got into teaching some spanish studies. The data and the mom who are still married moved to spain in two thousand and eleven. And i think the brother might have gone there as well and visited or whatever and she went on in so many interviews so many things to say that her family lives in spain so in one interview. They're like now wait. What happens like i came here. I came here when i was nineteen to go to school at nyu. And the two female interviewers are like. Oh from spain yes. My family lives in spain. now. She didn't say i was born in spain and then she tried to say in correcting that when she didn't think it was going to be a big deal like the first day this broke. She did an instagram Tv like right to camera and then she took it down and that's when she said What i meant was. I moved from boston to nyu when i was nineteen because all these people went to high school with hillary in boston so i thought that was really interesting now. They met her and alec met. According to. everything's been researched. Is he walked into a restaurant. New york was there and she was there and she was speaking perfect spanish to a waiter and he said i must tell you and she said you must know me now. I think he just was like loved that little sexy spanish. You know much like a selma hayek. Who was his love. Interest in thirty rock for in two thousand eight two thousand and nine. He met hillary in two thousand and eleven. And i think that just was kinda like hot. It's like it's like the couple. Let's see we're here. They are getting married. I'm looking on my youtube for those of you. That like to watch on youtube all the photos from their wedding and she kept very much with the spanish theme. She has this long traditional spanish. Veil that covers your head. It's very you know it's from that type of style and they. I think they had a spanish speaking priest. They found eight. Spanish church catholic church in in new york to get married in and she did interviews forty people from my family over from spain so it was crazy. You can imagine how crazy it was with the spaniards here. Well those people are just people that live in their vacation home that like retired there and came over and then she said oh my god and my relatives there like how do we say your new. New name is baldwin baldwin. They don't their spanish. They don't know how to save baldwin. I mean it just continues on alec. Baldwin goes on david letterman and starts imitating his wife spanish accent and he goes and it's not being racist because she is from spain and she you know and so he's doing he's playing into it and i just think people sitting back loved it and the more that they loved it and encourage it. I think he just went along with it. I don't know that he ever really asked her about her high school life. He might be one of those guys. That doesn't really ask. I don't know. I ask a lot of questions. But you know. I just interviewed emily simpson from real housewives of o see and. She said she's never really asked her husband about his mormonism and they've been together twelve years so i don't know how other couples work but i think he loved the package so kelly just said what do you think when he met the parents and they didn't have an accent. I don't know that he really cared to get to know the parents a lot of you know there. He's an older guy. He has his wife. She's popping out babies. She's really sweet to him. She's down to boehner many time she can whip up a nice meal. I dunno and you know he has to. He's one of these guys that works a lot and he kind of has to. I don't think he's enormously wealthy as a star you know. He needs to take the. He does like a show with celebrity. Some game show. I forgot the name of it to the truth or to tell the truth. I don't know what it and he said. I take paycheck like i. There's jobs i take straight up. I need the paycheck. I've got you know six kids including ireland. And you know home in the hamptons home in new york i think he has really expensive lifestyle and But i think he totally loves and loves what she was. and i don't know i just. I don't know that. I think she was kind of used to presenting herself. Like that was starting to get into it and then like on their first date you know she said oh for the first five weeks we just held hands and then you know five months into the relationship. We got an apartment together and so it's just fascinating. I want to see a movie made about this. I really do of when do you go. When do i stop. Or for some people like madonna. Who picked up an english accent. When she was living in england did she just become so used to it that she kind of forgot her old way of speaking. Like if i had to do an impression of drew barrymore war. I could do her for an entire week and then i could. I do for a month. Yeah could do for year. Probably and then. Maybe i'll just forget if it was part of my life if i had to do this just like when somebody became becomes an actor in a really intense movie. They sometimes say i'm not going to get out of this character the entire three months. I'm doing this movie. I'm going to be like this one. It's break time at lunch. I'm gonna. That's what i'm gonna do because that's how i do it so i don't know it just fascinating and then at first ireland defended her and i'm so sick of people bullying you know and being cruel. What do you care and stay at people's lives. You don't know well. I think it's one thing to be an actor and you put yourself out there as an actor but in this day and age. If you're an actor or television personality that also goes and makes a huge presence on instagram. Then i really think you cannot bitch because if you're going to open your life on instagram if you're going to profit from instagram than people do know you those nine hundred thousand people that follow you do feel like they know you and they feel deceived

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