Off The Record: Would You Want to Visit The Ancient Times?



We need guys. Welcome back to off the record when we talk about whatever we want what to data's and obey to daddies are you saying that there's a new virus now. In india was a new virus in india. Hundreds of people got sick one guy diving virus. That'd be a good day. That should be like if they have their own hurricane. I know hurricanes hurricane some all son. Listen i'll go there. But yeah and then they all got tested. It's not a covert that's fucking do. Do you think this is like mother nature going like you're all populated to hail so crazy just random shit popping up everywhere and they said like some theories not for this one but there might be a lot of shit happens global warming and the perma throw permafrost. Thawing out. That like germs. I got frozen are being released again. Old diseases in the south. That hasn't been around for billions of years or whatever that could come back. What affirmed quarantine for like five years. We all thought. I was going to be three weeks. Should is the end of the year one of is like what if it comes to america. Dude one point maybe Fuck everyone's doing fuck you know honestly most of you guys are gonna die but a beat staying inside so this is like god side. You know what's crazy. Is that these pandemics in the past. They changed the whole structure like economic structure power structure. Everything of different. Like you know the the black death the play. Yeah it killed so. Many people in europe sixty percent of europeans that all the whole destroyed like that system of like all the powerful like warlords or whatever like because all the farmers were just like. Well fuck i don't have to like there's like there weren't enough farmers and peasants so they became more and more like independent and powerful and in Same with japan too had a smallpox thing and after a lot of people died from the smallpox it changed like their whole system of government. And everything like what's happening. Now they used to be a better so during the black death before that it was like death was something that you should be like it like. It's not fearful but revered review again like So like the angel of death would come in and be like a beard person or a bearded baby that would carry you away and then during the black death that's all. The depictions became of the grim reaper. So now everyone because of that and that's changed to now of how people are so afraid of death associated bat from just like the black death in all these other plagues hit us in the world so before that it was like. Oh you die. You die obviously highlight their hopes and dreams of like religion being real but also like death wasn't obviously you're afraid of death and the afterlife but it depends on what comes right after death and like who takes the away. Who carries you all those things it was. It was nice stuff nicer stuff depending on what religion and where you grew up. You'll dad's crazy like all of those past pandemics of people like forty million people dying like these numbers were crazy. what was in the nineteen twenties. Was you die within six banish blue. That's insane yeah. What do they do at the bodies they just make a big pile burn. Then will they let a lot of them. Were war catholic people during world war. One they were just dying in. The trenches is one that used to wear those masks on all. That's that's the black death off the bird mass was because they had a long beak and they would put aromatic so they thought. Because i'd like you would catch it from smelling it kinda like through the errands and airborne. Yeah so then they thought good smells Would is good. you can't catch yak stinky stinky stuff is what spread disease. That's what they thought. No yes shitting in your bathroom. Near bedroom binding now is Renaissance era on was the fleas. It was the fleas that that yeah it was. It was like archie jazz. It was the fleas. That came embiid. Everybody wants everyone was stinky. Smelly shit whore houses. you go. Fire appears with the horse. Malik share. Why would you want to go to the house. Like i got syphilis and shoot knowing what i know now and going back in that time but one out of three meals give you diarrhea shower so ugly back then we have a beauty standards are different. I do like guys like me. No i don't know if that's true. Why like say like in the greek or roman depictions of beauty there. They were cleaned. Oh so you have to go back in time. Roman eras cool like roman. Greek knows though because they're clean because they actually bath houses asia every day for our agents at bat houses and medieval times like up north. Those fools like the europeans. Rome fail and dark ages. I don't know man. They sort of bending perfumed smell better. They live better to in terms of how your body's supposed to like live and function and like just work. So they're supposed to be breaking up your sleep schedule in two four hour naps. So what they do is they all roughly the same time. Take a hour nap. Get up to our walk and then the nap this walk straight up for two hours to get an extra damn. oh it was called The second slumber or something like that right so they start law the hours of europe now. The two hundred exercise dobie ten in total. Oh you're talking about the romans. It was one of those people. Oh that's a kuwait. 'cause i break up my sleep schedule like time. I'll get like two. Am to six. And then when. I get home at two pm to six i'll sleep now. That's four hour. I'm like are the romans did it. I'm not check out like ancient china. When they were balling all when they're like in the senate st or something or the three

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