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But today i'm indulging with from ninety. Fiance angela deem angela. Welcome i just love you. I'm a big fan of yours. Well it turns out my wife on arabic fans of yours to and that's very kind of time so so she may actually zoom in here. I had to call her and go. Listen i don't want to keep this job. I've got your friend angela. Coming in and i gotta go to the doctor. I'll zoom and later. We'll see if she shows up my honored say. Merry christmas tour. It's so funny she is She's a big fan of michael's too big fan. She just thinks he's not far away about itself to adjust grow on you. Yes so how are things going. Where where do you stand right now. How much can you talk about. You know really. I can't talk about much because we really don't know where everything's at and it's still difficult being apart from each other. We still have our ups and downs. And you know our problems probably as bad as people that live together problems but when you're a far apart i think that's what breaks relationships because you can't get there and hug and salaries you know what i mean. In general you know we're we're trying to work things out in Who are still at the same level. How about that. that's good. No that's good. That's kind of what. I figure you could say i know you have a tlc. Brass sitting on the line here monitoring us and by the way to the to the tlc people. Why are you not having me do the reunions. While let me do the reunions for these shows i. I'm an avid fan and listener. Viewer of all the united fiance's step. You bring me an at least as a consultant for those reunion shows right angela. Thank you great honestly. I love all routes. But you know what i think. You'd be great because we all need therapy on that stage. Oh i understand trust me i. I've taken notes on you guys but but it has been great entertainment during the lockdown. Right it has been one of the few things my wife had looked forward to at the end of the week on sunday nights and things and you start to pull for people you start to get very attached to you guys and your relationships and all the stuff you're facing and it's kind of in a way it's sort of good for americans to see the different cultures and how much americans Take for granted spoil. Yeah and then what how you stroke are spoiled because you know we have systems. Yeah and. I'm actually impressed with how well you got along in africa. You really just you jump right in. You seem like you're embraced his family. You embrace everything about his culture. Maybe not the food so much. The little day in the man's dominant will dash. But that's but that's the other thing so so you went toward you. Brought them pizza. Which i guess they already had it but you were sort of emphasizing pizza and and you took issue with the. I found that very interesting it was. This was my jiri right. Is that where you guys were. And there were three versions of marriage. Options in nigeria. Right right am i wrong. And that was kind of extraordinary they're all highly codified by the state. Like either you are committed to your partner and love and if you have any misadventures you've broken the law right. Yeah or or or you can go. Do whatever you want or this marriage or you can do the muslim marriage. Or it's the call your cultural marriage the muslim arabs. Or i what we call our regular marriage You know we can't she meet and all that and thank you know here. We don't go over there if you're caught with another woman. If you're doing the marriage that we picked out you can go to prison for five years. That's so crazy to me. It's really very interesting. And yet at the same time they have marriage that's essentially open but all of it seems to favor the male. Yes sir josh. I'm favor you know us being equal. You know some things you know. Of course. he's got to be the man of things but Michael shakes extreme. When i say. We're fifty mickey like if i get mad at hang up on him he'll call me back. Just hang up on me. That's not what. I mean. When i say no i think he knows it you mean. He's he's a pretty enlightened guys very smart. what's his what's his quick fairwood. His his professional background is he sold cars. But when i tell people this thinking like our sales people over here it's totally different. You know it'll take him all day to go so one car he just gets a percentage on it and he might not even sell it. So that's when. I told you know you're spending more gas. It draining your body every day to go. You know our just drive there back not might not sell car this message and even work. You know what. I mean because it's like it's not balancing or making nothing to me. I said i rub you. Stay home and take care of your mom. Your mom why you can and we take care of her together in. Would that make him dependent on you financially as the okay with that given this whole sort of male dominant kind of society he's grownup grown up in. Well you know. I think i really think i'm his first real relationship not girlfriend but real relationship. I am a song minded person you because i'm experiencing owner and that's what i try to tell them. I don't try to like. I know herbs because i honestly don't have done all this stuff you're due at your age and this is why when we first got together. I let him know how i am. No no flaws. No

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