Off The Record: Millennial Culture Versus New Culture (ft. Dante Basco)



Hey guys looking back to off the record when we talk about. We got dante speaking of off the records like we've before we roll the cameras. It's crazy how like all of us. As like millennials. We have a shared childhood genetics. Or by the way you and you are a part of the millennial childhood us because the millennials are watching like like the gen z zuko. Right but then like millennials. No you as rubio right. But like so like passage z. And now that you see like megastars was probably our generation like michael jackson michael jordan. Whatever we're like. The whole united states new like this pop culture and it was one pop culture. But now i feel like there's hell a different pockets. Yeah so there's like kids that are like hell and k pop and they know all about this or anime or like youtubers and then there's like little empires like like people that are like fans and logan paul or whatever. Right is the internet internet chains a because before the internet it was just a businesses and studios and stuff feeding us and the record companies going. This is what it is. This is the you hot shit hot shared thing. Maybe like playing mike crack or something but they don't have like a shared. Everybody knows this. One person of this new generation of cordell. You might know certain things but you might not even know. You can hear kim kardashian. It's like pokemon. Like i know pokemon but i do. You know all the cards. Do you think. Part of the reason why. We're so separated because back in the day regardless if we had views that we agree with each other we

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