GameStop Is Happening Again

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May be watching game stop again. today it shares skyrocketed in the final hour of trading. What prompted this late rally. We're going to bring in markets reporter caitlin austr- off into the conversation. She's covered game. Stop a lot lately caitlyn. Hey mark so kayla. Shares of game stop finished one hundred four percent higher to close more than ninety one dollars. It was hovering below fifty dollars for most of the day. What's the explanation behind this. So it's hard to say what caused game. Stop sheriffs to take off so much in the last hour of trading. What we do know is that you know you had keith. Gill saying that. He was going to double down on his game. Stop bets over the last couple of days. He's still really optimistic on the company. And that's what other people on wall street beds to say that they also are optimistic. You also had games top. Say that it's chief. Financial officer would resign next month. And so maybe that was. Also another case for people to maybe. You know think about the company's future could be different than what it had been a week ago but we don't really know exactly what causes it. You had a lot of people on wall street bat to were saying you know. They were caught off guard by sudden rise in shares and you can have big institutional players with deep pockets who can more easily move the share price who may be just doubled down on their bets that we could see games top perform

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