DeJoy Testifies Before House Panel


Did you get christmas. Cards in january is taking a long time to get that birthday present to your friend across the country. The mail has been delayed over the last few months and congress wants to know why postmaster general louis dejoy face lawmakers on capitol hill yesterday. Here's representative bob gibbs of ohio. I won't send payments through mail anymore. So much confidence. I've lost in the system due i apologize for the delays but said even the plan congress has to help may not be enough. I would suggest that we are on a death. Spiral we cannot even with this legislation. We cannot continue to lose money. Npr's brian naylor has been following this and joins us now. Good morning brian. Good morning rachel. So what we're lawmakers big specific concerns and did dejoy take responsibility so there was criticism from both sides of the aisle. They cited those You know late. Christmas cards and other mail delays complaints from constituents over bills arriving late leading to late payments and late fees. And you heard congressman. Gibbs say he's given up on the postal service to joy was apologetic but he also got kind of Combative at times he said the status quo was not acceptable but he also said the problems existed before he got there. You could sit here and think that i'm bringing all this damage to the postal service. But as i said earlier the place was operationally faulty because of lack of investment and lack of ability to move forward. Which is what which to do. So you heard him say before. A death spiral as quite a phrase. He said the service lost more than nine billion dollars last year and is projected to lose some one hundred and sixty billion over the next ten

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