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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportively. Joe it's up to you how much you give. And there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the short description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal ignition sequence. Uh nuts three to four pack as reported bills. Good other once again. Thank you for joining us. He on the space nuts. Podcast my name is andrew dunkley and joining me as always my partner in crime and all things space and space science and astronomy astrophysics genealogy. Not that freight. What's fred genealogy as. Well the only thing we don't do under his sport in relationships everything else is or politics. Politics should stay. You're right we should stay clear of that definitely. Should definitely now on this episode. Two hundred and forty one of the space. And that's podcast. We going look at the successful landing of the perseverance rover on mars. And what happens next. What's doing has it stopped for fuel. Do the kids need to go to the toilets things like that and evidence of life. They might have a go at that. There's also a study into binary stars that splice some results. This is done through the guy observatory in some of the information. That's come out of that. Spent quite fascinating. So we'll look at that and questions this Earlier question from jordan. Melvin fascinates me. He's been down watching the tennis The australian open and he was wondering about the shadows on the court. So yeah that's to be interesting in another question about the lagrange points of the legrand points and plenty more. That'll probably pop up. During the course of our conversation today but fred um that seven minutes of terror or whatever turned into be turned out to be nothing at all and the footage of the rover From the landing craft lowering it. Dan and from the rover looking up spectacular stuff taking nothing away from the other two missions that are orbiting mas at the moment from china and this this technological achievement takes it to a whole new level. Wow what an what. An amazing effort to get that thing down a soft landing on mars and all systems go. That's absolutely right under. did you watch. did you watch it live. I watched the nasa webcast reducing. The i didn't it was a bit bit past my bedtime was no it wasn't it was ten in the morning white. Pass my now. I didn't know what time it was. And i would have been on the radio at that. That's right in fact. I remember thinking under over listening. So i listed. I quoted all again lighter and it was all live at the news. It was just fabulous and you know that they've dropped that down and it's completely made of spare parts. Yes some of it from my honda jazz. It's fabulous fabulous. So that's where the reversing camera came from is it. That's right no look it was.

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