Would the Philadelphia 76ers Regret Trading Ben Simmons for James Harden?

Mason & Ireland


So a wo- jr is reporting. Adrian roggin ascii that. The sixers are now willing to include. Ben simmons intrigued todd for james harden but they are nowhere close to a deal. Lt would you. Trade ben simmons for james harden if power which team six. So if i'm the sixers. Do i want a pair. James harden with joel embiid. You see pictures of james harden yesterday. He looks like he may have put on the greg bergman little extra little extra dance harda and was one of the big criticisms with joel embiid that embeds outta shape the beat is oftentimes out of shape as well. Yes i haven't heard that hurt a lot but oh no him. Being out of shape is a thing. So okay if you're asking me. If i want to trade away my fit superstar bring in an odor. Maybe not always fit superstar to pair with my youngest not so thin superstar. I'm gonna say no. I don't wanna do that. Trae now for ben simmons. You have to buy. His hair's not taken benson yeah. I don't think that's going to sell the the one thing. And we've we've read this tim. Tim macmahon i think wrote this article about james harden that he really alienated his teammates. Because it's described in that article that when you have. The james harden experienced that means he's running the entire show he decides if he's late for film session film session weights if he wants to go to atlanta or if he wants to fly somewhere early to party you go where james goes when you sign up for the james harden experienced. He runs your organization. I read that. I read this piece today. After i heard you guys talking about it and the line that caught me was it was an organized. Aau team that that. If if they were they were playing in la. James one of the team to stick around an extra night because he wanted to do as parting reminded me of watching the michael jordan documentary earlier this year. When phil jackson talks about letting dennis rodman go do what he needs to do. But could you imagine if rodman were the leader you know. Could you imagine if rodman showed up out of shape. See people forget robin party but he never showed about shape. He party but the next day he bought out everything. Great billable z. That's the rub though hardened balls out i mean you can sail even if all this stuff that masons brought up his true and there's no reason to think that tim macmahon made it up so i think it's all true one of the quotes in that piece that scott was talking about. Is we knew if we had more than one day off in a row. The james harden was on a plane. Go into party. But we also knew he would come back and drop fifty point triple double on people the problem with this whole this whole issue. The whole heart issue is there's only fifteen guys in the world they can lead your team to a title and you need to have at least one and maybe two of them and hardens one of those guys so he's not. What are you talking about his first team all nba four times your conflict eighty accolades from the media and stats with being. Do lead your team to a championship. Those aren't bra. Elsa elsie you're right. He's great with the counting stats guy won the won the mvp two years ago. He walked up to the podium. And said you're listening to k spn los angeles but can't you make a distinction between a guy who can can put up stats and a guy who can score versus a guy who can lead a team to a championship. Yup there is a

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