Next in line for California’s COVID-19 vaccine? Teachers and first responders


The corona virus pandemic continues to rage across California, but there is some hope on the horizon. Vaccines are going into the arms of medical professionals across southern California, and more doses are on the way. His KCRW's Matt Dillon Reports. Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday that educators could be among those who are next in line to get the shots as frontline. Health care workers continue getting their first round of the vaccine efforts to inoculate those living and working in long term care facilities like nursing homes kicked off this week. Next up. Newsome says teachers could join other frontline workers like those in food distribution, childcare and agriculture along with people over age 75 as part of the second wave of vaccinations, he's hopeful that phase could begin by as soon as January. Grand Schuster, the president of the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association, tells the Orange County Register he appreciates the focus on educators. However, he says the lingering question is whether or not school districts will require teachers to get the shot. Expects that conversation will be had in many districts across the state. California Department of Education says it has yet to receive distribution plans. Officials estimate more than 260,000 doses of the vaccine have already been doled out by the end of the week. California should have received nearly two million doses from Fizer and Moderna. KCRW. I'm Matt

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