Steady Grind Leads to Sustainable Side Income


John mcadam is a self described nerd at heart. That's why he's been making websites for more than a decade initially just for fun way back. When he started he was simply curious. You wanted to develop his development skills so he began to make websites for himself his friends family members and local churches all for free at that point he says that money was not a motivating factor for him instead. Every new project helped him learn something new. And that was valuable. Sony began to expand out from just building web sites. He learned to make simple web applications. John create these products for one reason to help solve a problem. He was facing himself after he would solve the problem. He publishes work to the chrome app store. Figured if he had a problem that people might have it too and it would help them again. He was doing this for free no charge. John spent much of his free time working on these projects. Never earning a dime from them but again he was learning he identified two very important things he was learning. One was the portfolio of technical skills that still to this day. The other was the notion of what he calls. Putting in the work. Essentially john got used to grinding. He would wake up at five in the morning to work on side on days off drive a few hours to attend community development meet ups to connect with others in his field. One time even left a few hours late for a vacation to finish update after building both his skills and his mindset. John began to venture into paid work. That's right there is a satisfied connection. Every store we have here is all about paid work. John had plenty of pro bono. Work to showcase which helped him land his very first client. Someone had heard about him and told her husband who was looking to hire someone to a site for his small business. John was ecstatic for the first time. He realized that making extra money on the side is possible now while he was getting paid now he still did not value profit the most in terms of his business above all else he wanted clients to want to pay him because he was adding so much guy to their goals. So in the first year. John made a grand total of one thousand two hundred and forty dollars. He found most of his other clients just like he found the first word of mouth. He was constantly telling people in this community about his. After hours work for the next few years he slowly began to increase profits. More people found out about him which caused him to get more referrals. Also purchase google edwards and renamed his business apps by john twenty fifteen. John was making about five thousand dollars a year from his hustle. Then tekere emailed him hoping to recruit him for a project. Ironically they reached out to him because john published one of his failed projects online for all the world to see. This failed app. Used a specific kind of technology called cordova apps although it was his least successful app by continuing to publish work that he knew as imperfect he made this new connection john agreed to work with tech recruiter and successfully help the company. Deliver a mobile app for the client. The company was happy with his work and his work ethic and has kept him on as sub-contractor ever since now this was great for john in more ways than one his profits increased substantially and. Now here's about forty thousand dollars a year just from his side hustle by working with the larger team. He's been able to work with more. Prestigious clients have been able to impact more people. Not only that but working with the larger business has helped polish skills even further now. John doesn't have to find as many personal client. Projects still does every now and then when the work it is consulting contract fluctuates. He says there were many things he did right so he could be ready for this opportunity. This includes not giving up even when the hustle got tough showcasing. His failed app not being afraid to do that and having confidence in his abilities which grew over time at this point john has no idea. What's next enjoys both this side hustle. Ns fulltime job as a transportation engineer. An extra forty thousand dollars. A year on the side isn't bad either.

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