Statue of slave kneeling before Lincoln removed in Boston


Statue depicting Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave removed from Park Square. Here's WBZ is Karen Regal Thing Stand two shows a slave kneeling before Abraham Lincoln. It had been standing since 18 79. Hurry. Bullets started the petition to the city to remove it among those saying it was demeaning to people of color, Bullock says. Imagine another historically oppressed group so pictured for anyone that feels that this is not that offensive or they don't understand what's wrong with it. Take whoever you are. Put you on your knees, Put you on a pedestal and put some other person above you on and see how you would feel about that. I just feel like it was a very subservient view. A lot of African Americans didn't agree with and it finally, finally he did something about it. The Boston Art Commission voted unanimously to remove the statue in June, and now its pedestal is empty.

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