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Goes ace every year on the lift, but as yet had Hasn't been inducted. The kid The game of football, relies on three equally important parts and plays offense defense kicking, He is the greatest hard core special team players ever. Lock in kicks anything else? But Don Shula once. Told me before one of the games that we chatted on the field that we're playing against each other. You know, we have to prepare, prepare for the most in your team, and he mentioned Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith, he said Now, Steve Tasker And he was right. You had coached for the Chiefs from the late seventies through 1982. Do you take in a couple of years off from coaching? You would coach of the USFL for the Chicago blitz For a year before you came back to the NFL. It took over the bills and 86. Were you a different coach in your second tour in the NFL than when you were with the Chiefs? I don't think so. I e a little bit. Everybody is things evolve. Over time. You learned something you say Oi! What does happen my waste of my time on that for something like that, But I don't think it was much different. And I was with the chases. It might be a little bit interesting story. There was one person inside the organization. I don't know why they certainly won't identify him. Constantly tried to undermine May with the owner, Lamar Hunt, and finally, I was released of five years later three years later. When Bill Polian, the general manager of the Bills, one of the higher me and said that to Ralph Wilson, relatively G. I don't know I have Lamar fired and he called up LeVar and asked And Lamar said, I made a big mistake, and I was certainly grateful for that. Ralph proceeded from there and hired May you have a master's degree in English history from Harvard. You have four Super Bowl appearances in a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You have an amazing football life. You have a military life is well, you're extremely well read and literate, and I just wonder in terms of Your perspective on life. It feels like there's always been some other adventure. You've written multiple books. What is that perspective? Where does that inspiration come from? Within You, too, have lived such a full life on this planet. Well, it is because I've been fortunate that fortunate all the way Wonderful parents and and sibling is wonderful Sister and then through life, my wife Franny and my darling daughter, Kimberly. Um And and, uh, the people I've been associate with the coaches I had working under a man named Dick Claussen. It's cold College was just The inspirational and Harris Lamma was my basketball in trench coat. I can go on and on with names, but I've been so fortunate with the person people I've worked with. Maybe it's in some instances, the people that I selected to work with The tumultuous time in our nation's history. You've seen multiple of those tumultuous times the forties, obviously, with World War two, the sixties with so much civil unrest is well, How are you with the trajectory of the country? And do you have optimism? Do you have pessimism? Where do you sit with it? Right now. Yeah, Well, uh, no. I'll be optimistic. I don't want to get deep in the politics, but I I did vote for the new President Joe Biden. I feel that I am I was ready to play. The song that I heard back in. 1932 was a seven year old when Franklin Roosevelt entered happy days are here again, and I hope that that will be a song that does play. I'm tremendously fortunate who've been born in this country goes, served in this country and to have associated with the people in the loved ones that I have been with. Before I let you go. I just want your feelings of watching the bills community. Be happy again. Speaking of Happy days here again, it is a warm, inviting unbelievable fan base and city and region of the country that are finally celebrated their beloved bills again. What is it like to watch this? It's great. It's really uplifting. There. They are the greatest fans. I tell you. They're great fans in every town. I know it, but it's what I experienced when I was there. Was so uplifting. I'm so happy for them or for the Bills organization. They're still in several people that were in it that were their way back when I coached, so It's great, but what what great fans they were and are What a wonderful football life. What a wonderful career that you have lived And it's truly an honor for me to be able to speak to you. I just admire your life and your work and your career and how you handled everything for so long. So I really want to tell you that it is of great gratitude from us here on the show and be specifically that you spent time with us this morning. I'm rooting for your bells rooting for this. The fan base of the bills to to finally have that happiness again And I'm so happy for you guys. As the Bills alumni. So thank you so much for the time today, and hopefully we could do it again. Marv Damon. Thank you. You've been wonderful to speak with. Thank you very much. Our pleasure. Marv Levy joining us here on Sunday morning Football. What a thrill that is Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach. Look, there's no fan base that has been as resilient through Super Bowl losses as the Buffalo Bills, but those are a long time ago. Now you're building a totally new generation of fans in many ways in western New York. Because when you think about it, that's 27 to 31 years ago. That's how long ago this was that the bills wrong this run, so it's a whole new generation of youngsters who are finding out about how fun it could be to have competitive football again. And the nineties are back. Baby can't go wrong today with either fade base. I spent time in Kansas City. Around Chiefs Fan two Chiefs kingdom is just absolutely wonderful as well. So whoever ends up coming out of the A C championship game today is going to be a wonderful fan base to see going root on their team and Super Bowl 55. When we come back here on the show, we've got excessive celebration. Now you might be asking D A. That's usually college football. Going back over the great play by play calls of Saturday, But this week it's going to be NFL throw back. Let's go back down Memory Lane and revisit some of the great moments in playoff history between these four clubs will go back to the 1993. A F C championship game will also go back. The last time that the Buccaneers and the Packers the only time played the postseason, Brett Farve versus Warren Sapp, and we'll turn back the clock nearly 20 years to the last time. Tom Brady was in this spot, or I should say the first time he was in this spot the championship game. This is gonna be fun Stick right here. 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