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Covert across L, a county in other parts of Southern California's today, But health officials say the pace of the efforts still being limited by a shortage of vaccine doses right now, the only members of the general public or eligible for the shots or people, 65 older officials say. Unless there is a big boost in vaccine supplies, it's going to take a lot longer than planned. Give the injections to everybody who needs them. The number of L, a county residents killed by the virus since the outbreak started. It's out past 15,000 mark, even though the daily number of new infections is down from our earlier this month, Dr Michael Hochman of US he's kept medical center tells CBS two that won't be reflected in the Daily death count for a while. We're still seem to carry over from the very high case rates a couple weeks ago. We have very sick people in the ICU, and those are the ones that are, unfortunately still passing away. L.

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