A Prayer for When You are in the Desert

Your Daily Prayer


Hey listeners we are so excited to tell you about the two new podcasts. that life audio has available now. The first is rise up to raise up. Faith built kids. And the second is mama take heart. Both shows are for parents who are trying to navigate how to raise faithful children in a strange world. If you're at all a part of a child's life whether a parent grandparent family member teacher or mentor and are looking to understand gen z. Kids and how to reach them with the love of god. We hope you'll go to life audio dot com and check out our shows again. That's rise up to raise up faith build kids and mama take heart. Hey everyone thanks for joining us for the your daily prayer. Podcast we hope these few moments of prayer and reflection are encouraging to you. As you go about your day tier oliver episode straight to your phone during the week. Just subscribe to this podcast and itunes or wherever you listen to your podcast to find. More prayers devotional content and blog post. We would love you to join us at. I believe dot com A prayer your in the desert. I jennifer kennedy teen the lord. Your god has blessed you and everything you have done. He is watched her every step through this great during these forty years the lord your god has been with you. In you have lacked nothing deuteronomy two seven as we see in this verse. God shows us who he is by what he does. We see his promises worked out in the lives of his people and now the same god is working in our lives when we are in the middle of a desert track. God's hands seems absent blinded as we are by the glaring circumstances but when we emerge from not leg of the journey we can look back and see that god has watched over our every step. The journey was hard and went on longer than we thought we could bear. But here we stand all the way through the desert just when we thought we couldn't last another day god's mercy meta's in some observable way a kind word an unexpected provisions or a chance encounter. The assurance of his presence always came. The desert has things to teach us. We learn things there that we can't learn anywhere else. We see the careful provision of our father a different light. His love stands out in stark relief. Against the background of the deserts barren landscape in the wilderness. We come to the end of ourselves. We learn in new and deeper ways to cling to him and wait for him when we come out of the desert the desert lessons. Stay with us. We take them with us into the next stretch. We remember the god who led us through the desert and we know that he is with us still desert times are fruitful times though they seem barren lush fruit is being produced in our lives when we walked through the desert. The lord will sanctify your desert times and make them to be fruitful in your life. Why dear lord. I know that wherever i am. You are with me guiding protecting providing you make a mountain into away. He makes streams flow in the desert. You cause a route to grow out of dry grounds. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see you work when all hope seems lost in jesus name

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