Matchup for the ages: Saints, Drew Brees will host Buccaneers, Tom Brady


Dc. Yesterday drew brees and the saints dismissed the bears and will now face the box for the third time this season the saints wanna both prior meetings but the box come into this one having won five straight games fox sports. Nfl analysts. Michael vick is with us now. So michael which forty something. Old quarterback is playing at a higher level right now brady or breeze and by the way breezes birthday coming up on friday he'll be forty. Two happy birthday drew right now. Right now i think town todd planted a super high level right now and i won't take anything away from drew But i will say this joke. He had the rib injury in. You know he missed a couple of games in. It could have set him back a little bit in terms of You know fail foot a game having to get back into a flow for the game and that was kinda evident last night the accuracy. It was bad times. But i thought bauza stone behind guys enjoyed it and look s company when the pocket as the normally. Does tom on. The other hand is good in the pocket has um looks alive at the age of forty three eight. He actually looks like he's coming back for another year to an and it shows

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