Smallville's Clark Kent/ Superman is Back... Tom Welling!


It's well fantastic just to make sure. Hey we're just we're just going here. We're not we're this isn't scripted. Hey everyone how are you today. Hello hey guys. Thanks for listening. I will say this. Because it's important and i was told to say it because it is important but please. If you're enjoying the show it really helps. I mean the show. Free right assured awesome patron. And you're contributing more. Which is unbelievable but If you could write a review on apple podcasts. that's huge. It's an algorithm thing so writer. If you go to apple podcast right now press pause just greta rivero quick. Hopefully five stars if you if you like it. I'm if here for tom welling and then you usually the numbers grow. Jump up big stick around. We've got a lot of great guests and if you like this. Hey do your own foul rosenbaum exeter favor here stick around and were just in. Screen ran a few days ago actors with podcasts. We were ranked number five. So that was like dax's podcast and sophia mine. Oliver hudson and kate hudson they have a show so we were five that that made me really happy. I mean you know you shouldn't gauge happiness based on you know We've talked about this in the show but it's it's nice to see that you're getting acknowledgment is not a bad thing. Five ten is pretty solid. That's my average in school. What now decks. What now with daddy dax fucker. I love you won't watch this ever. He's never seen it. He's never heard it when he won't. It's fine listen listened to his when you have three hours to kill yeah. I won't listen to three hours. My that's why minds an hour so people can go on my way to work and then on their way home from work. Finish it with with other shows. Like joe rogan. It's like so. I'm going to start this on monday and i'll end by february jason's the i can't do it. I love those guys greg greg. I assume they're huge By just can't can't talk that long. And i i just on as well as uninteresting are interesting as i could be or em sometimes which. I don't believe i am. I get uninteresting. Really fast if get tired on my dog. add. I'll get that have lost. Boys poster yeah. You've had it forever why you're looking at it because i'm bored number five man and i'm not everyone eaton's listen Ryan with zinger twenty zinger but go to apple podcasts. Please if you're listening there or have the app. Stop what you doing go support. The show takes a couple of seconds. It really helps everything we're doing here. We also have a stage at robin. I my band son spin. I know if you're tired of hearing way to the album comes out. Because i think you're gonna love it The website is up son. Spend dot com and you just go to the website merge and you could book the band in upcoming shows which we january thirtieth which is last. Saturday shows. Coaster others a coaster. It's a son spin coaster. We're getting better ones to there's those but we're getting really cool granite stone ones Yeah i like. I collect coasters. I like it while. Yes he's asking for one up to remember that. Sell out that If you want to follow us on the sun spin handles. That's at sunset ban. Son spin band on all the social. And what's the inside of.

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