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Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode and ballantyne but i your true crime headlines. A man was fatally shot and two. Others were wounded at queen's hotel just after midnight on new year's day marking new york city's first reported homicide of twenty twenty one. Police responded to a nine one one call just after one. Am and found the victims outside the umbrella hotel in q. Gardens when they arrived they found three men with gunshot wounds to twenty year old men and one forty year old man were taken to hospitals. One of the twenty year olds robert williams who was just one day away from his twenty first birthday was pronounced dead on arrival. The forty year old victim was in critical condition with gunshot wounds to his torso arms and legs. The second twenty year old was in stable condition with one gunshot wound to his left leg. Police said that it appeared that an argument inside the hotel led to the shooting. No arrests have yet been made but this was not the hotels. I shoot neighborhood. Residents have campaigned to shut down the hotel. Which has been the scene of similar incidents in july and august one resident fifty two year old. Richard rogers told the new york post quote being heard of other incidents there. I'm not surprised this happened. It was just a matter of time before. Someone got killed in queens borough president donovan. Richards called the shooting a sad and troubling way to start the new year and said that the hotel should be shut down. Richards said in a statement quote. This hotel is a public nuisance. That has no place in q gardens or anywhere in our borough or city. The hotel's guests and residents of the surrounding community should not be subjected to it's dangerous conditions. Las vegas police are also investigating their first homicide of the new year in their jurisdiction. On saturday night. A man was shot and killed at a house. Party in an apartment complex on dunn's bach way near lake mead and hollywood boulevards in the northeast valley around nine forty five pm officers responded to over a dozen calls about gunshots heard at the apartment when they they found a black man in his early twenties suffering. From at least one gunshot wound he was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials say that the victim had been at the party for less than fifteen minutes when the shooting happened. Police have limited information on potential suspects. Lieutenant ray spencer said quote. There were a lot of people at the party. However we don't have information right now regarding suspect so i urge anyone to please reach out and father shot and killed his two young daughters i in a columbus apartment on new year's day and then took his own life at ten twenty two pm. Friday police responded to a domestic dispute. Call made by a neighbor. Thirty two year old. Aaron williams had been charged with domestic violence. Once before as police arrived they heard gunshots at the apartment officers then found six year old. At least williams and nine year old eva williams suffering from gunshot wounds inside their father aaron williams was also found with a self inflicted gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. First responders rushed the girls to the hospital where they died at twelve oh seven. Am and twelve forty three am. According to court records. Williams had a previous domestic violence charge by columbus police on september seventh twenty eighteen with intent to harm and assault under a plea agreement. He pleaded guilty in october of twenty eighteen to overdo. I charge of disorderly conduct and was given a three day suspended sentence. Columbus police chief. Tom quinlan called the murder. A horrific tragedy am said quote. Our hearts break for the devastated mother. And all who loved them. The body of a missing new jersey woman was found in philadelphia on saturday three days after she last seen with her child and one day after she was reported missing. Twenty eight year old. Ivana stokes was found dead on the eighty. Four hundred block of very road. Dokes was last seen dropping off her child wednesday night since then she had not been active on social media and did not contact family or friends. Investigators do not know where stokes was going at. The time of her disappearance and her cause of death remains under investigation. Those your true crime headlines up next and ballantyne but first a quick break. My cat is my best friend. And these days we've been spending a lot more time together at home and as much as i love my cat. I'm not fond of the stink bombs she leaves in her litterbox everything from cleaning up to covering up. The smell is a constant battle. That's why i use pretty litter. Pretty litter is kitty litter. Reinvented unlike traditional litter. 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