Vaccine registration sites are opening across the country, and filling up in minutes.


Of the vaccine. We're gonna turn now to alex stone. Abc news kfi about the plans locally around the country to get the vaccine out larger numbers to the american public. Alex what's going on here. Yeah up yeah. California is by no means alone and arizona's been dealing with the same thing. A lot of states have been so. Now you've got a mass vaccination effort that that is going on. That's ramping up for major league baseball parks for nfl stadiums for basketball arenas. And we're seeing it here as well but so the numbers nationally look like as of today nine million people in the us have received their first dose about a million of those are in nursing home. Still long way to go there. The goal was twenty million by january. First that wasn't met. But this nine million. That's double what it was only a week ago. So does seem like that at least nationally. And you've seen what florida's doing and then they've been telling people go ahead and lineup and they've been doing these mass vaccination sites and other states are saying all right. We're going to do the same thing and california's one of them that today you heard the governor saying all right it is all hands on deck right now that dodger stadium. Petco park cal. Expo arena that as of probably the end of the week for most of them For dodger stadium. Definitely these are going to be now mass vaccination sites. Here's what the governor said today. Speedy administration not just for priority groups but also now opening up large sites to do so meaning dodger. Stadium padre stadium cal expo. These large mass vaccination sites. But he's got to know. This is not been going well and the feds blame the states and the states. Blame the feds. The states are saying well you know this is during a surge in the pandemic such a massive effort that they needed some kind of a better federal plan for the last

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