Pelosi names 9 impeachment managers


Democratic leadership in the house has unveiled this list of Nine democratic congressmen and women they've assigned to basically the proceedings in in the senate trial. If the president is indeed impeach tomorrow will be the house impeachment managers who essentially prosecute the president before the senate the list that we just got. includes Congressman jamie raskin of maryland congressman diana to get of colorado congressman. David selena island congressman joaquin. Castro of texas congressman. Eric swallow of california congressman. Ted lieu of california representative stacey plastic from the us version islands congressman joe goose of colorado and representative madeleine dean of pennsylvania. Again those house managers for the impeachment. These second impeachment of president trump just name tonight by house democratic leadership joining us now. New york congressman hickey jeffries. Who is chairman of the democratic caucus. He of course served as an impeachment manager reading. they're throwing the first impeachment. Trial is member of the house. Judiciary committee and a senior member leadership congressman jeffries. It's nice to see you. Thank you for being here tonight with rachel. I've been trying to keep our viewers up to date as up to the minute as i can on proceedings and what's happening in congress and what's expected to happen. Is there anything that's evolved late tonight that we should know about what expectations should we set or or do you and your colleagues want to set in terms of what people are gonna see happen late tonight and tomorrow. We moving forward with the fierce urgency of now to bring a ballot one singular objective which is to make sure that donald trump is removed from office expeditiously. Because he's a clear and present danger to the health safety and wellbeing of the american people.

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